Saturday, October 15, 2011

I made it to the 30s!

Taken today, at 30 weeks 3 days.

I'm in the 30s! That's a big deal! All of the doctors and nurses say, "As long as you can make it to the 30s...." I can't believe that I have less than ten weeks left in my pregnancy! I can't believe that I have less than seven weeks before I'm full-term! I can't believe that my baby weighs over three pounds at this point!

Nate and I are getting to the point where we're really excited to meet this little guy! We're patient enough to wait ten more weeks, but still!

I've felt him hiccup twice now, which is something I never felt Caleb do.

I'm having a hard time crossing my legs and putting my socks on.

I had the gestational diabetes test, which I never had with Caleb, and I passed! I was honestly a little worried, because Caleb was a bit big for a 27-weeker, but since he was born with his eyelids fused shut they thought he might actually be earlier than 27 weeks (although I'm pretty sure his due date was right on and he was just one of the few 27-weekers who couldn't open his eyes). Anyway, in the back of my mind I was worried that I had gestational diabetes with Caleb, and that I could have it again. But I don't! Whew! That's a HUGE relief, because I'm having a hard time putting down the candy corn!

I'm genuinely having a difficult time sleeping. Part of it may be that I have to use the bathroom in the night (at least once, sometimes twice). Part of it may be that I need to give Caleb an extra feeding at 3-4AM. Part of it is definitely the sore hips--sometimes I'm glad to get out of bed in the night, because walking around makes my hips ache less. Sometimes it's the heartburn. Sometimes it's the nausea. Sometimes I'm just too darn hot (I don't use blankets any more. Nate gets them all to himself). But most of the time I just can't sleep. I don't know why. I'm not really uncomfortable. I just toss and turn. It's a pain. I'm seriously considering sleep aids.

I'm slightly anemic. The nurse said that they like to see iron levels at 60.1 or higher, and mine is at 54.6. It's weird; I've never had low iron before! She said that some people can be so anemic that they're on the verge of needing a blood transfusion, and not be able to tell at all. But some people can be slightly on the low side, and have no energy whatsoever. I thought I was tired because...well...I'm pregnant and I have an almost-2-year-old who has unlimited energy. But if I can get some more iron in my diet and subsequently get some energy, wouldn't that be nice!!!??? So I've been eating lots of iron-fortified cereals and trying to eat more meat. And I'm still tired. I plan on talking to my doctor this week about taking an extra iron pill.

I'm on the quest for another doctor again. This darn receptionist made me cry for a second time! She scheduled me for the 17th, but told me that my appointment was for the 10th. She even wrote me a reminder card that had the 10th on it. So Nate worked from home so he could watch Caleb and I got up early and drove 20 minutes, just to be turned away. It was very frustrating. And the doctor that I've seen for my last two visits seems a little...absent-minded, to put it nicely. He told me two completely different things at each visit, and on two different topics, too. I'm not convinced that he knows what he's talking about. AND he forgot to listen to my baby's heartbeat! Umm...that's pretty much why I go to these appointments! There has GOT to be someone out there who cares about me and my baby a little more than that office does. this point, I feel like we could handle having a baby early, if that's how it had to go (although I would really, really like to go at least another month or two). But only once we get Caleb's vomiting problem under control. I don't think I could handle anything extra on my plate until the vomiting stops. I'll be calling the GI doc again on Monday to see what to try next.

Wish us luck! With the vomiting AND the pregnancy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Will it ever end?

Pre-diagnosis, Caleb's only symptoms of anything being wrong were an unwillingness to eat, occasional vomiting of huge amounts, and poor weight gain (which goes hand-in-hand with the prior two symptoms).

During the one-month trial with appetite stimulants (pre-diagnosis), vomiting increased. After the one-month trial with steroids (post-diagnosis) vomiting increased to the point of needing IV fluids.

After going on the elemental diet with the NG tube, vomiting almost completely disappeared. After g-tube surgery, vomiting was practically nonexistent.

After getting a very tiny cold, vomiting increased drastically. After the cold went away, vomiting continued. After waiting a few weeks, we decided that we couldn't sit back, do laundry, and scrub the carpets in hopes that the vomiting would go away on its own.

We tried a medication for vomiting. We tried slowing down the rate at which his feeding goes into his stomach. We tried making sure that he NEVER had more than 7 ounces of formula in his stomach at a time (that's the cool thing about the g-tube--we can check the residuals from his last meal and see just how fast he is digesting his food, so we can make sure that we aren't overfilling him). We tried elevating the head of his bed so his reflux wouldn't be so bad while laying down. We stopped giving him foods orally, because every time we did he would throw up. Calories and weight gain are more important at this point than eating skills. We'll work on eating later. And today we tried doing a continuous feed (where I keep him attached to the feeding pump all day so the formula can be slowly pumped in). So far he has thrown up twice in the past few hours.

I'm lost. I don't know what else to do. I thought this would solve all of our problems, not create new ones. I don't know how much longer I can handle watching my child projectile vomit uncontrollably.