Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Russell's First Haircut

Little Mr. Russ got his locks trimmed for the very first time on the 29th at the age of 2 years 3.5 months!  He was not blessed with very luscious locks, and what little he has is pretty blond, making it look even more sparse.  But this is how it was starting to look on a daily basis:
It's got some curl to it, which I love, but it was always just so silly-looking.
 I did love that little curled mullet, though.
 But it had to go!  Some day when he can grow more hair he'll have curls again, just like his brother.
 I couldn't bring myself to pay $20 to have such a tiny amount of hair cut from that little half-bald head, so I cut it myself.  I've been cutting Caleb's hair for a while now (his soft curls are thankfully very forgiving of little imperfections!).  I distinctly remember the main reason why we brought Caleb to a kids' salon for his first two haircuts--it's because there was absolutely no way we could trust him to sit still enough to do a proper cutting!  But Russ is such an angel.  I had no worries about him.  He just sat there patiently.  I love that kid.
 Although, it didn't take long to cut such a small amount of hair.  I didn't even touch the top since there isn't even enough hair to spike.
We're pretty happy with the results.  His hair looks a little bit thicker now that it's lacking those wisps, but you'd never guess that he ever had enough hair to cut.  One thing's for sure, it's very low-maintenance, which is great.
And this sweet little kid is handsome no matter what.