Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Zach is 4 months old!

Mr. Zacher-bee is 4 months old!  This is what he's up to these days:

  • He weighs 14 lbs 8 oz, which is in the 24th percentile!  That's a 20 percent jump from his appointment at 2 months old!  WHOA!
  • He measures 25.6 inches long, which is in the 63rd percentile!  That's a 2 percent jump from his last appointment, and it's the highest any of my kids have ever been on any chart!  (Except for maybe their birth weights...my kids are on the bigger side when they're born.)
  • Has a head in the 59th percentile.  That's a 21 percent jump from his last appointment!
  • Wears size 1 diapers, but needs to be moved up to size 2 at night.
  • Wears size 0-3 month clothes, but is just about ready to be moved up a size.
  • Is still doing great at nursing (and I even pump at the end of the day to get him an extra ounce or two for the next day).
  • Formula.  Where do I start?  Zachary had enough donor breast milk to last until he was about 3 months old, which was seriously awesome.  When we started running out, we slowly weaned him onto formula, and he did fine with the transition.  As soon as he was completely on Costco brand formula, he started having problems.  Increased spitting up, diarrhea, lots more mucus in his poops, eating slightly less, spitting up 2-3 hours after eating (which was a huge concern to me, since his tummy should be empty by that time and delayed gastric emptying has been the worst of Caleb's health problems), diaper rashes, and he even had two diapers with blood in them.  So we switched him to our GI's favorite, Gerber Goodstart Gentle.  Same symptoms, minus blood and diarrhea, plus his poop looked like curdled milk.  Normal for breast fed babies, not for formula fed babies.  So we switched him to soy and he started spitting up all day long.  One time I counted, and in two hours he spit up 9 times.  Literally every 10-15 minutes.  So we switched him to Alimentum, the most hypoallergenic formula you can get without a prescription, and he started eating less and less.  Over the weekend there were two feedings where he would only eat one ounce.  ONE OUNCE.  So I got serious about getting more donor milk for him, and he has already done better after just a day and a half!  In the last week (since switching him to soy, then alimentum) he has lost an ounce.  And suddenly he's reminding me way, way too much of his brothers and their refusal to eat as babies and their really poor weight gain (and often weight loss).  But now we've got a few weeks of donor milk on hand and I'm hoping he'll go right back to being my healthy son.  But if anyone knows of any donor milk available, let me know.
  • He is proficient at rolling onto his tummy, and has decided to be a tummy sleeper.  He still can't roll back onto his back, and he gets frustrated by being stuck on his tummy too long, but thankfully he has a few flippin' friends.  
  • He's a chatty baby, just like his brothers.  He gurgles with the g sound and cries with the n sound, but he's not exactly babbling yet.  He's also a great giggler.
  • He sleeps pretty much all night.  Usually we put him down around 10pm and he wakes up around 8AM.  I'd like to get him to bed a little sooner and sleeping in a little later, but he doesn't eat his last feeding until after his brothers are in bed, so that keeps him up a little late.  And when he wakes up in the morning, I bring him into bed with me and we snuggle for an hour or so while he eats and we sleep.  I actually really enjoy that time with him.  :)
  • Zach is super great to put to bed.  I literally lay him down, give him his lovey, turn on his mobile (which he loooooves to watch) and walk out.  Sometimes he wines a bit, but sometimes he doesn't.  He rarely cries, and if he does, it's pretty light-hearted and doesn't last more than a minute or two.  Only a few times have I needed to go comfort him.  I can always tell when his cry is sad enough that he needs me, so I really don't have that moral dilemma of "do I let him cry?  Does he need me?"  I read Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old and took what I liked from it, and I attribute that book (and his easy-going personality) to his great sleep habits.  I hope to blog about it at some point!
  • His nicknames are: Zach, Zacher, Zacher-bee, and Zachey-pants.  I probably call him Zacher more often than anything else.  It all started with Russell--he said one day we could call him Zacher (take off the "y" at the end) or Curry (take off the "Za" at the beginning).  We prefer Zacher.  ;)
  • Zacher has a seriously hard time staying sad if you talk to him.  He's just too good-natured to stay sad for long.
  • He's more than happy to spend an hour or two laying on the floor while life takes place around him, or lounging in his bouncy chair while everyone plays.
  • He's pretty darn good at grabbing things (like the toys hanging from the bar on his bouncy chair...or my hair).
  • Zach is a really big fan of chewing on his fists.  He's also a big fan on chewing on burp rags.
  • He doesn't use a binky much any more.  I still pop one in his mouth when he's too sad to patiently wait for me to mix his bottle, but it's more of a distraction than a source of comfort.  I can honestly say, I'm glad he's already pretty much weaned from it.  I just wouldn't know when and how to wean an older kid from one!
  • He loves to chew on his thumb, but rarely do I find him sucking on it.  He does often fall asleep with his thumb in his mouth, though.

  • He's pretty darn drooly, and chews on everything, but doesn't seem to be all that close to getting teeth.  Russ already had teeth by this age, so I check his gums often!
  • It is so easy to make this happy guy smile, but it's so hard to capture a smile on camera because he's just mesmerized by looking at gadgets and things such as cameras and phones.  
  • He's a HUGE fan of baths.  He never cries and just splashes and splashes.  He loves water in the bath or in the shower, and he has even been swimming once!  He was very relaxed in the pool.
  • He has great skin.  It's flawless!
  • Zacher is seriously a little ray of sunshine in my life.  When everything else feels so overwhelming or monotonous or unfulfilling, I just look at my little baby and his smiles fill me with joy.  His life is so simple.  His needs are so straightforward, and as long as they're met, he's happy.  Unlike slightly bigger kids, who often feel that life is unfair, Zach is happy just to be loved.  And he's so easy to love!  I never would have thought that life with three kids would be easier than it is with two, but with the amount of joy that Zachary brings into my life with his smiles and snuggles, it's much easier to face the day.  We love you, Zacher!
And now for about a billion pictures from the past two months, in order of most recent to oldest: