Monday, February 8, 2016

Soy Trial

After about a 6-month soy trial, Caleb starting to complain of daily stomach aches.  After troubleshooting ("are you hungry" "do you need to poop?"), he would still feel a little pain, so it was time to scope!

Since eosinophilic reactions occur in response to food proteins, and oils and sugars don't have proteins in them because they're so highly refined, Caleb has always been able to have soy oil and soy lecithin.  (Some very sensitive people can't have them, but we discovered that Caleb can.)  So the only things that he eats that have soy proteins in them are a few brands of granola bars (his favorite snack), soy sauce used in Asian food (which we use a lot), and a few odd things here and there.

The biopsy results are in and Caleb IS NOT reacting to soy!  So that's GREAT!  But the pathology report also showed some odd things ("fragments of antral and fundic mucosa with focal foveolar hyperplasia and elongated pits" in his stomach, and " mild basal cell hyperplasia, mild papillary elongation, and mild spongiosis" in his esophagus...don't ask me what any of those words mean!).  So even though the biopsies didn't show yeast, we're going to treat him for a yeast overgrowth, just for good measure, since he's been on daily antibiotics for 3 years.

If that doesn't take care of things, we may have to consider whether or not Caleb has a good, old-fashioned intolerance to soy, and think about removing it from his diet.  I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but his comfort is a high priority!

It's a little crazy to think that Caleb's diet now is how it likely will be for the rest of his life!  That is:
*eosinophilic reactions to dairy
*eosinophilic reactions to eggs, but without symptoms...he has now passed two scopes while eating limited amounts of eggs
*behavioral reactions to wheat...we had to stop the trial before being able to scope, because his behavior was effected so negatively.  Maybe some day, when he's more mature, he can trial wheat again.

It's amazing how far he's come from the days when we could count his total safe foods on two hands!

There's a new restaurant in town called Chi-Ku and everything on the menu is Caleb-safe!  It's kind of emotional seeing Caleb choose whatever he wants, and then actually eat it.  It never gets old watching him stuff his face!

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