Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Crazy Things They Say

I offered to do something for Russell, and he said "ok."  Then he changed his mind and ran away from me saying "NO-K!"

We were about to go in a store and I nicely told the boys, "My patience is running out, so please, behave yourselves."  Caleb said, "I'll try to get your patience back for you."  It made me laugh, and then he said with a big smile, "See, did that give you a little patience back?"  It sure did!

Russell:  Mom, I think a red wall in the basement would look good.  (We were watching Fixer Upper.)

Russell:  Mom, I wish I didn't have a nose so I couldn't smell stinky stuff.

Caleb, holding a half-grown little chicken:  It's ok, it's ok, Papa has you, Papa has you.

Russell, snuggling a dog that we were dog-sitting for the morning:  It's ok, Mommy's here.  [Referring to himself as Mommy, of course.]

I was telling Russell how lucky he is, because Caleb is only a big brother, and Zach is only  a little brother, but Russell is a big brother AND a little brother.  He said, "No, I'm a medium brother!"

Russell:  Mom, if the world were upside down, we'd be walking on the ceiling.

Russell, crawling on the floor following me:  Mom, I'm going to be like Dolly, because Dolly follows you.  [It's true.  Dolly can always be found at my feet.]

Caleb asked if plants go to the bathroom.  I taught him about photosynthesis.

We were talking about what it would be like to live in Narnia, where animals can talk, and I told Caleb that I always wondered what Hank would have to say.  Caleb said, "Dolly might have a very beautiful voice."

Caleb:  Mom, blink your eyes.  [I blink and he runs around the corner.]  I'm gone!  So fast you couldn't even see!

Caleb:  Mom, if there ever were a WWIII, I would definitely fight in it.

Caleb:  Mom, there's this store called Ross and if you go there you can buy shoes that make you run REALLY fast.  That's what Blake told me.  It's a secret.

Neighbor boy:  Yeah, my dad is really smart.  Caleb:  Smarter than my dad!

Caleb:  Mom, can we make a robot for Granddad that will do everything for him?  Like clean, and make dinner?

Russell, talking about Spot It, a game where you try to collect cards:  One time I played by myself and got TWENTY CARDS!

Caleb:  Mom, it's just a miracle that life is real!

Caleb, upon finding a penny on the parking lot ground:  I guess it's my lucky day!

Caleb:  If Auntie Jenna never has kids, we should give her someone.
Me:  Who would we give her?
Caleb, thinking:...Maybe I'll give her me!!

Russell:  What if this was a rule, if everyone found a bug, they would be their pets!  What do you think about that?

Russell:  You know what happened?  I found so many bugs today!  I think today is Bug Day.

Caleb:  Mom, we're lucky that we don't have to be eaten, because lots of other animals have to.

Russell:  Mom, I just feel like I need to draw beautiful things.  [Then he drew a necklace.]

Caleb was telling me that our neighbors feed their chickens watermelons, and I said our new ducks might like watermelon, too.  Caleb said:  Oh!  We should trial foods with them!

Russell:  Mom, if you lick your elbow, it tastes like chocolate!  That's what Joey says.  [Joey is a preschool friend.]

Russell:  My pocket smells like centipedes!  [Guess why....]


Unknown said...

Put this all in a book! The title could be "Pocket Full of Centipedes"!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! Your drive and dedication only helps those kiddos grow in even more ways. They are so tuned in to these sort of things. Keep up the great work... May will be here before you know it!
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