Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment: Operation Smile

Caleb saw this commercial a few weeks ago.  Ever since, he has been talking about the "babies with owies on their lips."  I told him that maybe he could draw them a picture and mail it to them to make them happy.  I also told him that he could give them some money to help them pay for surgery so that their owies can go bye-bye.  He picked all of the coins from his bank (two quarters and a dime) and one dollar bill to mail to them.

I asked him what he wanted to say in his letter, and he said, "A."  Well...that's a letter, all right!  So together we came up with this "message" for them:

Did you know that $240 is all it takes to give one potentially life-saving surgery?  1 in 10 babies born with a cleft lip/palate dies in their first year.  That's because they can't suck, so they can't eat.  I know what it's like to have a baby who can't eat.  It breaks my heart to think that so many babies can die of starvation.

Nate's employer matches charitable contributions, so we donated $120 and they donated $120.  So together we may have saved a life!  If you want to help the babies with owies on their lips, you can go here.  It feels so good to do it.

And it feels so good to be teaching my small child to think about others and to give of himself to help them feel better.  I hope I can continue to use these opportunities to teach my boys, and I hope they continue to love to give.

Russell's new tricks

Don't you just love it when babies develop their receptive communication skills?  I think it's my favorite.  :)