Saturday, June 26, 2010

In case you needed a hug today...

Who doesn't like food...?

The Kid saw The Doc again on Wednesday. He weighs 11 lbs 2 oz! I thought he'd never break the 11 lb barrier! Yet still, he is gaining slowly. Now that he is 7.5 months old (4.5 months adjusted) he's ready to beef up by eating...CEREAL!

His first attempt:

I love his expressions. What a funny kid.

The high chair straps were as tight as they could go, and I still had to scoot him up all throughout the feeding.

His first feeding went...well...alright. I think he swallowed on accident about twice, so he did ingest some food. The feeding ended by him crying and crying.

The next night he ate the whole bowl! Well, a bowl being one tablespoon of cereal mixed with about an ounce of milk. But he ate it all!

And last night he ate it all again, only quicker! Way to go, Kid!

I can't believe my child is growing up. *sniff*sniff*

I knew it would happen. And really, it's happened extremely slowly, so I can't complain.



Sisters & Laws...Sister-in-Laws...I mean Sisters-in-Law

The Boy's sister, who we will call Auntie Rissy, is now in the Missionary Training Center. She is now learning Tagalog and before we know it will be in the Philippines. The next time we see her will be Christmas 2011. The Kid will be two. Weird. We miss her already!

My brother, Unca Dubba, is on his way to getting me a new sister-in-law! (But not to replace Auntie Rissy...we'll get her back before we know it.) He proposed to his girlfriend, and she said "yes!" The story of his proposal is a cute one. He plays hockey and she's a figure skater, so they were at the rink skating together and three times he sprayed snow on her (you know, how hockey players do). The third time he said, "Here, let me clean that off for you." He brushed her skates off, got on one knee, held out a BEAUTIFUL ring, and said, "will you marry me?" CUTE!! They are looking to tie the knot in March 2011. I still have never met her, but I probably will at Christmas this year.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mommy Walks and Horsey Talks

There are two things that are essential to my sanity as a stay-at-home mom: mommy walks and horsey talks.

Mommy Walks:

I have one neighbor, G, who has twins, L and J, who were born 5 weeks early. They were our NICU neighbors as well as our actual neighbors. That's super handy, because we can share preemie experiences and troubleshoot together. And plus I just like G and her babies. They're fun.

My other neighbor, A, has a baby, N, who is supposed to be pretty much the exact same age as The Kid (supposing The Kid had been born on time). That's super handy, because they're on the same page developmentally. And plus A and her baby are just so darn nice.

We all go walking together every morning for a few hours. Sure, I don't get much done around the house, but really, would I get anything done if I spent all morning at home? Not likely. This way, I get a little exercise, a little sun, and I actually get to talk to people with vocabularies.
Top row: G, Me, and The Kid (playing with A's hair). Bottom row: L, J, A, & N.
Ah, to have nice, so nice.

Horsey Talks:

When The Boy gets home from work, he stays in with The Kid and I take five minutes to go feed the horses. (It actually only takes two minutes, but I take time to scratch them and talk to them.) Remember when there was once a time when I wasn't always around another human? When my identity was as an individual? There's nothing better than being Mommy to The Kid, but it's nice to have a little time to myself. It's another part of sanity maintenance.
I just wish I was on the other side of the camera in this picture...
the side where I would be on the horse.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the World's Best Dad

When The Boy and I first met, the thing that immediately attracted me to him was his love of children. I could tell that he would be a great dad. Boy, was I right.

His first time holding our son. November 2009.
December 2009.

January 2010.
March 2010.
April 2010.
May 2010.

June 2010.

Thanks, Dearest, for being such a great dad. The Kid loves you, it's obvious. And so do I. I hope that's obvious, too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Won!

I win the "Worst Mom of the Week" prize!

The Kid loves kicking his feet. It's been warm, so once his socks come off, they usually stay off for the rest of the day. I clipped his toenails, but...The Kid is talented. His right foot scratched his left ankle. A lot. It looks like he was attacked by a cat. He didn't even cry. I have no idea when he did it. But I noticed the scabs about a week ago, and they're still there.

And there's blood all over his bouncer, right where his feet rest.

Way to go, Me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seven Months!

The Kid turned seven months old a few days ago!



At seven months old, The Kid:
  • Still wears size 1 diapers (as he has for the last 4.5 months)
  • Is finally starting to fill out size 0-3 month clothing (although pants are still big around his waist)
  • Sleeps in his own crib for 9-11 hours every night (and I still wake him every morning)
  • Weighs about 11 pounds (in the 3rd percentile for height and weight)
  • Has giggled twice
  • Is in the 38th percentile for milestones reached
  • Nurses for 15-30 minutes WITHOUT a nursing shield (quite the accomplishment) and then eats about 3 ounces from the bottle
  • LOVES his play gym
  • Is easily quieted by having a toy dangled in his face
  • Found his toes...and likes 'em!

He didn't want to have his picture taken this month. This is his sad face:

The elusive giggle: Caught for just a split second in the very middle of this short clip. He only giggles if you giggle first, and he can tell if you fake it. We've tried. It doesn't work.

P.S.--Can you believe that I've been pumping for seven months? And I still pump 4-5 times a day. I am a trooper. I deserve a prize.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Boy has a cousin who is six months older than him. When The Boy was born, he was in the six-pound range, and his cousin was in the 20s at that point.

The Boy's cousin now has a baby who was born one month before The Kid's due date. The Kid is now 10 lbs 6 oz, and The Boy's cousin's baby is about 25 pounds. Yep. Holy smokes.

And remember...The Kid is actually two months older.

The Big Baby's wrist is about as big around as The Kid's thigh. He eats more than twice as much during a feeding as The Kid does.

They are just like their dads. And that's a good thing. They both have great dads.
And here is just another cute picture of our family. We kinda match. Blue and white. Go Cougars!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Extended Fam

The Kid crossed state lines for the first time this weekend. Yep--we went to Idaho to visit The Pursers. The Kid had never met his great-grandma and great-grandpa Purser. They loved him, and he loved them. There were a lot of smiles shared. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the three of them together. Next time.

He also met his great-great-grandma Purser. How many of you can say you have a five-generation family picture? You? No? Well...I can.
The Boy, The Kid, The Grandpa, The Great-Grandpa, and The Great-Great-Grandma

There is only about 97 years difference between the two Pursers in this picture. She couldn't get over how cute his overalls and tiny socks were. Hehe.

Three handsome Purser men whom I dearly love.One who dearly loves his thumb.

My cutie in pinstripes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good bye, old friend, we shall not miss you

When The Kid was discharged from the hospital, he had to come home with an apnea/heart monitor. I was under the impression that it was only because he had the NG tube "blocking an airway." But that first month the monitor alarmed once, maybe twice. "Abnormal," the doctors said. He needed to be monitored for another month. That month it alarmed half a dozen times, about, so they said that he needed it again. The next month--same thing. By that time, The Doc said that he only needed it at night, because Mom is the best monitor. :)

This past alarms. monitor. The Home Health suppliers came and took it away! HOORAY! Our child can now wear zip-up jammies! The Kid has never in his life been as close to "normal" as he is now!

Ah, sweet freedom.