Saturday, September 12, 2015

School 2015

My boys are growing up!  *tear*

 Now that my big boys are in school (Caleb in half-days kindergarten and Russell in preschool 2x/week) this little guy and I get four hours a week with just the two of us!

[Also, you'll notice that our front door has undergone a transformation between Caleb's first day and Russell's first day.  You're looking at Minwax gel stain in Hickory.  It went on evenly, even though I didn't remove the old, patchy finish from the door.  It certainly brings out the lovely details and makes the entrance to our home feel much more clean and welcoming!]

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Doll

Meet Dolly.  She was born in December 2014 and joined our family in February 2015.  We were told that her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a standard poodle and her estimated adult weight would be 50 pounds.  We picked this cross because golden retrievers are very smart, loyal, family dogs and standard poodles are extremely intelligent and tend to not shed (which was only a priority because our old dog Meggie was the world's harriest dog and I wanted a break from that).  Although she looks exactly like a golden/poodle should, as far as her facial features and hair quality, it's apparent that her sellers weren't exactly forthcoming.  Or possibly just plain lied.  At 8 months old, Dolly is exactly 10 pounds.  However, she is a great family dog, she is extremely intelligent, she doesn't shed a whole lot, and she's pretty darn adorable.  And we've decided that it's easier to have a 10-pound dog vs a 50-pound dog, anyway.  So we like her.  I'm guessing that her mom was actually a golden retriever and her dad was a miniature poodle.  Dolly was a runt, too, so that might contribute to her smaller stature.  Either way, she's a keeper!

And now, since it has taken me over 6 months to get around to introducing you to her, here are some pictures, in chronological order, for you to get to know her.  Enjoy!

 She really loves her boys!
 This is a favorite napping spot for her.

 Captain is bigger than her, even now that she's older.

 Dolly has wanted to be friends from the beginning, but Captain isn't a fan!  They have been caught playing together a few times recently, though.
 She loves going for car rides!  She even drove with us to Minnesota and back this summer, and did great!

 This is her favorite toy.  <3 p="">
 Her soft hair attracts snow!  That's gonna be fun when winter comes...not.


 She really does think she's a big dog!  She likes to fetch tennis balls, too.

 She's practicing great restraint by not going after Caleb's angry birds.  (She did great this time, but ended up chewing on them another day.  Tisk tisk.)

 She needed identification on her collar for our road trip to Minnesota.  This tag suits her perfectly and has our contact info on the back.

 Sundog again.

 They were both pretending to be polar bears in the zoo.

Dolly is extremely tolerant of the boys (one reason why I wanted to get a puppy and not an adult dog).  As you can see, she really loves them!  She house trained really early and really easily.  She rings a bell whenever she wants to go outside, which, let me tell you, is a genius idea.  The most useful command that she knows is "leave it."  She immediately drops those kid toys when I say it.  She is a fan of chewing on things she ought not to, but she does know the command "where is your toy?" and will find her own toy to chew on when I can tell she just needs something and the easiest chew toys to find are the ones my boys leave laying around.  Because of her chewing habit, she is kennel trained for night time and when we leave the house.  Her favorite things to chew on are stray socks.  She's also a fan of any diapers we leave laying around and baby binkies left within reach.  Thankfully she hasn't done much damage to either of those objects--she normally just moves a binky from one room to the other and doesn't chew on it, except for the one I found just yesterday.  Thank goodness those binkies are dishwasher safe!  She learned quickly that if she chews on human fingers, she doesn't get petted.  She's learning the same with licking.  She also likes to sneak to the basement to eat the cat's food, and always throws it up.  We now have a baby gate blocking the basement stairway.  She's a huge fan of getting brushed and kinda gets manic when I bring out the brush.  I have to trim the hair around her eyes or else she can't see.  She's the prettiest blond color with a darker golden streak down her back; freckles on her nose, belly, and the pads of her feet; and a white spot on her chest and tip of her tail that is very difficult to see.  We're all super big fans of her, and I can confidently say she's a big fan of us.  Welcome to the family, Little Doll!