Monday, December 23, 2013

Russell is 2!

I can't believe my little baby is a big 2-year-old!  Where has the time gone?  He has changed so much recently and I just can't get enough of his happy, silly, charming little personality!

At 2 years old, Russell:
  • Weighs about 21lbs 8oz (not super accurate--I usually only weigh him first thing in the morning after a bowel movement, because if I don't then I've found it could skew the results by up to a pound.  On the morning of his birthday he woke up with a completely dry diaper, so I'm guessing his weight is closer to 21lbs and an ounce or two).  That's not on the charts and it's extremely close to Caleb's weight when he turned 2, even though Caleb was born weighing 2lbs 7oz and Russell was 8lbs 5oz.  I'm not super happy with his weight, but there's not much more we can do about it.
  • Measures about 32 inches tall, which I don't think is on the charts, either.  That's the same height as Caleb when he was 2 as well.  And it's just tall enough to graduate from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat (rear-facing, of course).
  • When you tell him to say please, he says "pretty please."
  • Loves hot dogs, olives, green beans, and marshmallows more than any other food.  He also has quite a sweet tooth, but won't eat things like cake.
  • Is super shy of strangers (wouldn't even get close to Santa), although he does love to say "hi" and "bye, love you" to everyone he sees in stores.
  • Loves all animals, especially our cat Captain Hook.
  • In fact, his favorite toys are his plastic animals, which he always sets up either on the end table or in a line, like this:
  • Can count, but it always goes like this: two, free, nine!
  • Always says "no!, play!" when we tell him it's time to go to bed.  He does go to sleep on his own right away, though, and sleeps for at least three hours every afternoon and at least 12 hours every night.
  • Loves to identify what color things are, but always gets the color wrong...unless it's something that's yellow, because he tells me that everything is yellow.  
  • Loves to roughhouse, especially with his brother (and his brother's best friend, as pictured below).
  • Will laugh at anything Caleb does.  They often get into laughing fits over the silliest things.  I LOVE it!
Making "silly faces" for the camera.
  • Loves babies.  Seriously loves them.  He likes to give them toys, kisses, hugs, hold them, and lay down on the floor next to them.
  • Pronounces his name as "Huddo" and Caleb's name as "Taya."
  • Is super dramatic at times.  When he doesn't get the answer he wants (no, Russ, you cannot have fruit snacks right after lunch when you hardly touched your food...fruit snacks are a treat and I will not reward you for not eating lunch), he throws himself on the ground.  These episodes don't usually last long, but he sure can put on a show!  I'm surprised he still does it, since he pretty much never gets what he wants when he acts that way...but what can I say!  At least he's persistent!
  • Snuggles with his head on my shoulder while I sing him songs before tucking him in for a nap or for bed.  It's my favorite part of the day.  :)  He requests what song he wants, and I sing it.  We sing a lot of made up songs, too, like the Auntie Jenna Song, the Sadie Song, etc.
  • Has a best friend--Henry.  Henry's big brother, Nash, is Caleb's best friend, and their mom, Anna, is my best friend.  We're all best friends, and it's the best.  :)  Russell talks about Henry a dozen times a day, always insisting that we mention him in every single prayer, sing "The Henry Song" (which is just Rock-a-Bye Henry on the treetop) when we tuck him in, etc.

  • Wakes up asking about everybody in our family.  A usual morning goes like this:

Russ:  Daddy?
Me:  Daddy is at work.
Russ:  Adobe?
Me:  Yes, Daddy works at Adobe.
Russ:  Taya?
Me:  Caleb is getting dressed in his room.
Russ:  Sadie?
Me:  Sadie [the dog] is outside.
Russ:  Auntie?
Me:  Auntie Jenna is at work.
Russ:  Henry?
Me:  Henry is at his house.
Russ:  Sandy?
Me:  Yes, Henry lives in Sandy.
  • Gets super excited when I tell him he can have a snack/toy/song/whatever he's been asking for, and jumps up and down saying "favorite! favorite!"
  • Excitedly points out when things "match!" or there are "two!" or things are the "same!"  He also uses the word "too" appropriately, such as "Huddo play, too."
  • Can walk down stairs just holding onto the rail, but has yet to try walking up stairs.
  • Is still gluten-free, although we haven't seen any improvement whatsoever.  In fact, he got much, much worse (I'm talkin' blood in his stools...lots of it, and often) in the first month after removing gluten from his diet.  We noticed that his corn intake was increased by a lot when he went gluten-free, so we cut out the major corn products (just corn flour, but not things like corn syrup, corn starch, corn oil, etc) and he hasn't had any blood since then.  I'm hopeful that we'll be able to add gluten back to his diet soon, but hopefully we won't have to cut out all corn products.  After over two years of meticulously reading labels for Caleb, I can confidently tell you that corn and all of its derivatives would be by far the hardest single food to avoid.
  • Can pull his pants up when they're falling down.  If you're one of my Purser boys, that's a necessary skill.  If you're a Purser boy's mom, that is a milestone worth recording!
  • Calls onesies "pockets" and likes to stuff things in them:
  • Loves to help out with things like emptying the dishwasher, wiping down the dinner table, and cleaning all of those dirty hand prints off of the walls (so many dirty hand prints!).
  • When you ask him how old he is, he answers "BIG!"
  • Likes to think that his belly button is the equivalent of Caleb's feeding tube.  Every time he takes Caleb's syringe and puts it in his belly button, he says "ouch!"  I don't know doesn't hurt Caleb when I tube feed him!  He also tries to put his rice milk straight from his sippy cup into his belly button, and he loves to help me feed Caleb by holding the syringe.  Just today, he was getting cranky in the car but didn't really have anything to complain about, so he said in a winy voice, "Button hurt."  Caleb said, "But Russell, you don't have a button!"  We all laughed and laughed!

Happy second birthday, Russell!  We love you to pieces!