Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home Improvements: The Bookshelf/Hutch

Our area has the most awesome online classifieds.  It has a whole free section, and when I'm feeling like doing a project, I keep an almost constant eye on it for a few days and snatch up some free furniture when I find something I like that's close by.

This little hutch (or is it a bookshelf?) was only a few miles away, and I could easily see its potential!
I love how some nice crown molding can so quickly dress a piece up, so I picked some up, cut it to fit, and attached it with liquid nails.

Then, like all of my painting projects start, I sanded it down just enough to scratch up the surface, sprayed it with Kilz spray primer (only one can--about $8), and painted it.  I used pure white paint, and it took two full sample cans ($6).  Then I taped the inside back and painted yellow stripes.  The color of the stripes is Warm Muffin, by Behr.  I think it's perfect.  :)  I also used my trusty Rustoleum Decorative Glaze to give it an antique feel.  I was worried about the glaze making it look like a dirty white, especially being placed against a white wall, so I used baby wipes to wipe it off instead of just a rag.  And then, of course, I finished it off with a good coat of wipe on poly in clear satin.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the results.  And for less than $30, I couldn't be more happy!

We plan on hiding a few kitchen appliances in the bottom cupboard, since it's being used in the dining room.  The top is also working great to display my pretty clear vases, which frees up some cupboard space in the kitchen.  It also gives me a place to feature that awesome antique fan from the '40s or '50s that I spotted in my dad's garage.  It immediately caught my eye, and he told me to take it!  Yay!

I love that I have the confidence and opportunities now to use different techniques.  I'm so glad that I put on some nice crown molding!  I think it completely transforms it.  I'm also pretty excited about the stripes.  This piece has some character and it fits perfectly on that big, empty wall in my dining room.


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