Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can....

Today Caleb took only 9 ounces from the bottle. That is clearly not enough (see here). It's not even close to enough. I tried giving him a few ounces of soy formula yesterday and a bit more today. Hopefully that's the problem, and once we get rid of the soy he'll be back to taking his usual 12-16 ounces a day. But that's still not enough.

I held him swaddled in my arms struggling for a good 45 minutes (not out of the ordinary), trying to get him to eat. (The trick is giving him something soft to hold. He can't resist sucking his thumb every time he touches something soft, and I can usually swap out his thumb for the bottle.) But he cried the whole time. With no tears. He's dehydrated.

So, since he absolutely refuses to take a sippy cup, I gave him juice in a bottle. I know, it's wrong. But I'd rather have his teeth rot out than have him die of dehydration. Even though neither of those will happen. But still, he only took about an ounce of the juice.

I made an appointment last week with the pediatric GI specialist to get to the bottom of this, but the soonest we could get in is February tenth. I don't know if I can make it until then. At least he eats a ton of solids (2.5 stage two jars of baby food, and 1/2 a cup of oatmeal).

And although he's basically stopped eating finger foods other than graham crackers and saltines, he was happy eating his cheerios today:
P.S.--I am now recording everything he eats and how every feeding goes. I need evidence so the GI specialist has something to go off of, especially since he has baffled everyone else.


Chris and Linnea Lindstrom said...

I feel your pain so much. Lots of hugs to you, Mama. I hope that you can get in earlier or have some sort of a breakthrough before February!
C'mon Buddy, you can do it!

Niki said...

Yikes! It sounds like you are doing everything you can. Hopefully he'll snap out of it and want to drink more :(

Katie B said...

Oy, I can't imagine how frustating that must be. Just keep trying things and make sure to take deep breaths

Ellie said...

Oh man. Here's hoping that specialist can give you some answers!
P.S. For the record, I think you can too.