Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011!

Christmas doesn't get any better than it does with a toddler! It was magical!

Here is Caleb with his first gift--a football tent from Auntie Jenna. (I don't know why it didn't focus. Sorry if it gives you a headache!)
Yes, you heard right. He went inside, we asked, "Do you like your football tent?" and Caleb promptly said, "No." and got out. HAHA! But rest assured, he sure loves it now!

Caleb somehow got obsessed with Angry Birds. We don't even know how he learned what it's called. He doesn't play it. He just looks at it on Nate's phone. Well, Nate is a wonderful, thoughtful father and he got this for Caleb, unbeknownst to me:
Ah, the joy!

Other Christmas presents that made the top of the list: A tie. Yes, Caleb has his own tie, and no suit to wear it with. But when he opened it, he shouted, "A TIE!" with great zeal, and started jumping up and down (you know, in the way that a toddler jumps before he really knows how to get both feet off the ground at the same time). So far, he has refused to let me put it on him. But it was worth buying, if only for the initial reaction. Too bad we didn't get it on camera. We weren't expecting it to go over so well!

He also got a little drum and some other instruments (he has grown to love the kazoo). When he opened the drum and saw what it was, he shouted, "Drums! HOORAY!" Priceless.

The Littlest Purser turned one week old on Christmas, so he was clearly not as excited by the magic of the day as Caleb was. He did, however, sleep in his bassinet between feedings during the night, and gave me a few hours of sleep at a time. I think I even got three straight hours! That was the best night of his whole life so far! AND he was content to lay on the bed without crying while I got ready for the morning. That was also a first.

Together, all of my boys made it the most wonderful Christmas ever.

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Jeff said...

Caleb is so adorable.