Thursday, September 27, 2012

Russell is 9 months old!

My baby is growing up!  I can't believe that I only have three months to plan his first birthday party!  Ahhh!

At 9 months old, Russell:

  • Weighs 15lbs 13.5oz!  He's gaining really well and staying on his curve, although his curve is still below the charts
  • Measures 27 inches, which is in the 10th percentile!  Yay!
  • Wears size 2 diapers
  • Still fits in most 0-3 month clothes but should really be moved up to 3-6 month clothes...I just have to get around to washing them.  Blah
  • Has eight teeth (four on the top and four on the bottom) and drools a decent amount, but hasn't gotten a new tooth for a while.  The pediatrician says he's likely to lose his first tooth before starting kindergarten since they came in so early
  • Has mastered the "classic crawl," and that little wiggling bottom is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!
  • Goes from crawling to sitting to crawling all of the time while playing
  • Can crawl up stairs
  • Can and does pull himself up on everything
  • Has taken a few "cruising" steps while holding onto furniture, but only when he is very motivated to get to something that's just out of reach.  The doctor said he'll probably be walking by his first birthday, but he doesn't bounce on his legs (he keeps his knees locked when he's standing, just like Caleb did) so I wouldn't be surprised if it took him a little longer
  • Enjoys holding remotes and other electronics more than most toys.  In fact, I can't nurse him on the couch if there is a remote within sight, because it is just too distracting
  • Also loves shoes.  Especially putting shoes in his mouth.  And since Caleb is obsessed with wearing everyone's shoes around the house, there is always a shoe within reach for Russell to chew on.  Yuck
  • Follows his brother everywhere, and is super duper excited to see him after they've been apart (such as after a nap)
  • Has a grasp on object permanence--he still freaks out if I leave his sight, but he will follow me out of a room (while freaking out, of course)
  • Enjoys peek-a-boo
  • Is kind of starting to play the "How Big Are You?" game--I ask him how big he is and he puts his hands up in the air and we say, "SO BIG!"  We usually practice with him while he's in his high chair, so he often just randomly throws his hands in the air during meal time
  • Kind of waves "hello"'s a little bit hit and miss
  • Will mimic people when they cough
  • Rarely makes sounds (other than crying).  He will say, "Yayaya," "Ba," and "Ma."  But he doesn't string consonant sounds together (Bababababa) other than a few ya's, and even then it isn't in a conversational way.  We're a bit concerned about his lack of vocalization
  • Gets "cognitive development therapy" twice a month.  So far his therapist has only come over twice, and he isn't very responsive to her.  Right now we're mostly trying to get him to mimic us with actions and sounds, so she'll bang a toy against the floor and wait for Russell to do it, too.  He does mimic simple actions, but mostly he just likes to do his own thing (or do what Caleb is doing)
  • Is doing well eating solids except for a few times a week when he refuses to eat his baby cereal.  At his 9-month appointment they checked his iron levels and found that he is slightly anemic (weird) and said just to make sure he gets enough fortified baby cereal.  But he gets at least as much cereal as Caleb gets through his tube and even with bleeding in his stomach Caleb isn't it's weird.  So Russell is anemic even when he is getting at least 90 percent of the iron that he needs daily
  • Loves, loves, loves to nurse, but doesn't nurse for long any more.  I always hear people saying things about "growth spurts" for their babies, and neither of my kids has ever had a growth spurt (other than Caleb when he got his feeding tube, haha).  Russell is very attached to me, and when it's about time to nurse I can't hold him without him trying to turn around and eat.  But lately he has been sleeping through the night (YAY!), and I'm talkin' 9-13 hours straight, and when I wake up I can hardly tell that it's been that long since he ate.  So I think my supply is tapering, and he isn't able to increase it.  I hate to think that I may be weaning him soon (since he loves nursing ever so much), but I don't know if I'll have much of a choice.  The problem is this: he will not drink anything that doesn't come from my breasts.  Seriously.  We've been trying to get him to take a sippy cup, a bottle, an open cup...nothing.  And although his mouth is still moist, his lips are dry.  And he only has about four wet diapers a day, one of which is very wet and three of which are barely wet at all.  I just don't know what we're going to do about this
  • Is always interested in closing the baby gate for some reason
  • Loves to dance to music.  Seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen
  • Gives the sweetest, drooliest kisses :)
  • Has an oral fixation, I swear.  He doesn't like to teethe on toys, he likes to hold them in his mouth while he's playing with other toys.  Most of the time he can be found crawling all around the house with a toy held in his mouth
  • Has a killer pincer grasp, but doesn't always know when it's more appropriate to grasp things with his whole hand rather than his pointer finger and thumb.  Kinda funny to see him try to pick up something big with his pincer grasp!
  • Absolutely freaks out when he hears another baby or child cry or whine.  He cries inconsolably for many minutes and is then on edge for many minutes.  If he hears another cry or whine, it starts all over again.  He had an entire waiting room at the GI doctor's office cracking up when a little boy clear on the other side of the room would barely whine for just a second.  Three times that little boy whined, and three times my baby boy broke down.  It happens in the mother's lounge at church almost every week.  He doesn't react one bit to loud noises such as the blender or vacuum, but he is very, very sensitive to the cries of others.
  • Is all together a very content and happy baby!  As long as he's not hungry or tired, he's super chill.  He doesn't mind just sitting on my lap, playing with a toy and watching what's going on around him.  It's nice (and weird) to have a kid who is able to sit still.  :)


Heather said...

This was so fun to read after spending several days with cute Russell last week! I'm sad that I won't get to see him in person again until after he's 1! Good luck with the drinking- maybe he'll try drinking out of the dropper syringe things that Caleb uses.

*Alice Anne* said...

I love your updates! I can't believe he's 9 months old?! He's definitely a different child than Caleb. I bet you can't help but compare. It's so cute that he tries to follow/copy Caleb. They are gonna be such awesome friends. :D