Sunday, February 17, 2013

Russell's Words

At Russell's 12-month checkup, he didn't know any words.  At that age, babies are supposed to use at least three words other than Mama and Dada.  Since Russell is already in the Early Intervention program, I told the pediatrician that at his next eval he would probably qualify for speech therapy, and he said that that would be good.  (I love having a ped who trusts that I'm on top of things.)

Not two weeks later, Russell spoke (and signed!) his first word!  "More."  I was feeding him baby cheetos in the airport.  It's a little weird to me that my FTT baby's first word was because he wanted more food.  Fine by me!

Within the following week he spoke many more words!  "Da" for Dad.  "Wasat?" for What's that?  "Hi."  "Dog."

As of today, at 14 months, here is a list of all of the words he knows and uses (pronunciations, if different, are in parenthesis):

Mom (Ma)
Dad (Da)
Hi, while waving excitedly
Whoa...! (used all.of.the.time!  "Whoa!" when he sees a new toy, "Whoa" at the dinosaur museum.  It's like everything is so exciting to him!)
Dog (daw)
Thank you (ay-too)
More (mo, while signing)
That (dat, while pointing)
Love you (ya-yu)
Night-night (nigh-nigh)
Auntie (aw-tee)
Cat (at)
Rawr (as in what a lion, bear, dinosaur, etc. says...and he says it while playing with those animals)
Vroom (as in what a car says...again, he says it while driving toy cars around on the floor)
Please (This one he doesn't speak, he only signs it.  The sign is done with an open hand, moved in a small circle on your chest.  He doesn't do it on his own chest, but he does it on the chest of the person closest to him, or on his high chair tray.  Cutest thing ever, when he pats his little hand on my chest to ask for a bite of whatever I'm eating while he's in my arms.  I love it.)

I'm probably missing some words, but that gives you a pretty good idea of the huge language explosion that happened in the last two months.  Russell is also getting better at non-verbal communication.  He gestures and points when he wants something.  We can hold up a food and he'll wave his arms and make a "yucky" face if he doesn't want it, and he'll get really excited and reach for it if he does want it.  He is also really good at throwing himself to the floor and crying when he wants something that he can't have, or if Caleb snatches a toy away from him.  It's kinda like the terrible twos, only a whole year early!

This is the look Russell gave me when I found that he had discovered that Caleb's stash of juice boxes have straws attached...that happen to be very fun to detach.  I found a stack of de-strawed juice boxes next to a stack of de-juice boxed straws.  It's one of his new favorite pastimes.

Russ is also getting better at comprehending what we say.  Just today he discovered where we keep the chore boots.  He tipped one over and picked up the dirt chunks on the bottom.  I told him "no-no, that's not a toy" and I put the boot back.  He put the dirt chunk back, and crawled away.

And I must say, I'm so very proud that both of my children used "please" and "thank you" before they used the word "no."  I feel like that makes me a good parent.  ;)

Also, Russ won't say most words if prompted.  He'll say them in the appropriate context on his own, such as saying, "Auntie!" when my sister comes home and he sees her for the first time all day.  But we can't point at my sister and say, "Who is this?"  If we say, "Night-night, love you," then he'll respond, "Love you."  But we have never gotten him to answer appropriately when we point to a picture of a dog and ask what it is, for example.  It's weird.  It makes it hard to "practice" with him.

Russell is also learning body parts!  He points to his belly on demand, and sometimes his nose and ears.

To wrap up, here is a cute video of my cute boys.  Russell says "hi" in his deep, breathy voice.  So cute!

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Megan said...

So cute! Glad he is speaking more! Caleb also sounds a lot more clear than the last video I remember seeing! I love those first words. And don't worry, Addie never said anything when prompted like you are saying with Russell but now she does. She just got a lot of her own words first! Let the language flow!!