Sunday, June 1, 2014

Russell's Potty Training Update

Remember when I wrote this post about day 1 of potty training?  Remember how I was so optimistic?

Well, don't hate me....**

He has been potty trained ever since.

I could probably count on one hand the number of accidents he had in those first few weeks.  We brought him to the store and to the church nursery in underwear on days 3 & 4 of potty training.  It was dreamy.  Seriously, I can't imagine that anyone else has ever had such a good potty training experience.

For the first two weeks he could keep himself dry for hours and I would take him to the potty at transition times (before leaving the house, before naps, before meals, etc).  And he was so willing to go.  No fights involved, unlike with his brother's first attempt at potty training.

After a few weeks (or maybe up to a month?) he started telling me when he needed to go.  It started with him leaking out just a drip onto his underwear and then realizing what happened, so he'd say, "Mommy!  I have pee-pee on my underwear!" and I'd bring him to the bathroom.  After a few days of that, he started recognizing the feeling before anything came out, and he'd tell me right away.

In the past month or two, has also been able to put his own pants and underwear on!  He can also get himself up onto the potty by himself these days.  So he can do every step independently!  Except for putting the lid up...he's scared of it pinching his fingers, so I have to open it for him.

He has also learned how to pull his pants up, now that they all fall down since he doesn't wear a bulky diaper anymore!

And he still requires a diaper during naps and at night.  At the beginning there he was waking up dry pretty often, but he soon realized that he didn't need to because he was wearing a diaper.  I kind of regret that we missed that window of opportunity, but it'll happen soon enough.  Maybe once he starts growing better we won't have to give him milk when he goes to bed (that's when he gets most of his fluids for the day), and it'll make night training easier.  But for now, I'll take it!  My son potty trained himself at 25 months!  I couldn't ask for more!
Doesn't he look so grown up?

**(And seriously, please don't hate me.  I don't mean to brag, really.  Every kid is different, and there is such a wide range of when kids potty train.  We got lucky with this one.  So don't beat yourself up if you can't get your 3/4/5-year-old to use the potty.  I would never judge you, ever.  I wish everyone had it this easy, but I'd be surprised if any of my future children potty trained this early and this easily, because they're all just so different!)

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