Wednesday, August 13, 2014

House Woes

Well.  We put our house on the market, drove our horses to Minnesota to stay at my mom's farm (and also left our truck and horse trailer there), and got lots of interest on our house here.  We got many offers and went under contract twice.  Both times the sales fell through for reasons personal to the buyers.  We went to Minnesota three times to house hunt, and weren't able to find anything that fit our needs until the last time.  We made an offer on an amazing house, which got accepted, and then we realized that the house doesn't have very good internet access.  Which won't work for a hubby doing software programming from home.  So we had to back out.  A few weeks later is when our second buyer backed out.  By that point, it was more of a relief than a disappointment.

We feel like this is really where we belong (for now).  When you work so hard towards something and it still doesn't work out, it's usually the Lord's hand watching out for you.  We feel good about this.  For now, this is home.

But I do miss my horses.  :(

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