Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 15 weeks 3 days

I had an ultrasound today and it appears I have three separate (yet likely related) things going on.

1) I have a placental abruption, where my placenta is separated partially from the uterine wall, which has been actively bleeding for two weeks now;
2) a subchorionic hemorrhage, where there is a hemorrhage (or possibly a blood clot) between the wall of my uterus and the amniotic sack (I could literally see a sizable bubble in there); and
3) partial placenta previa, where my placenta is partially covering the cervical opening.

This could get complicated, but since my bleeding appears to be stable (even though it hasn't stopped), hopefully it'll just clear up eventually and not be an issue.  If the bleeding gets worse by the time the baby is viable (24 weeks) then I'll end up on hospital bed rest.  Worst case scenario, the bleeding gets so bad that they have to deliver the baby super early to save its life.  The placenta is kinda vital to the baby's survival.  ;)  For now, I'm going to "take it easy" as much as possible and only do the most necessary daily tasks in hopes that the bleeding stops, or at least doesn't get worse.

Also, the placenta previa could be a big deal (it could be the reason I'm bleeding), and it could eventually cause me to need a c-section.  But since it's not a "complete" previa, there's a good chance the placenta will migrate upward as my uterus stretches and grows.  They were taking so many measurements of my placenta because it was super long.  So I guess it's just kinda getting in the way.  But once the uterus gets bigger, it'll hopefully move away from the cervical opening and it won't be an issue.

So there it is.  A lot of wait-and-seeing.  And hoping that this bleeding and these cramps go away.  I started my weekly 17p (progesterone) shots today, which are supposed to keep me from going into early labor (I took them with my last pregnancy as a precaution since Caleb was born so early), so we'll have to see if that helps with the cramps.

Alright, I'm off to "take it easy" some more.

Oh yeah, and we found out today that...


I seriously couldn't be more excited about the prospect of having three little boys.  It's gonna be awesome.  Every day is gonna be a party at our house.  :D

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