Tuesday, March 10, 2015

27 weeks 1 day

I have officially made it to the point in my pregnancy where I delivered Caleb!  If I make it through the night, as I tell myself, this baby will have a better start than his oldest brother.  After seeing your tiny baby struggle, that's a big deal!

It's crazy to think that this little guy (gosh, I wish we had a name for him!) is about two and a half pounds right about now.  On his ultrasound last week, he looked so much like Caleb did when he was born!  He's got the same face shape, the same chubbyish cheeks...
It's crazy to think that that's what's growing inside of me, kicking all day long, getting stronger every day.

Stay put for another three months, Little Guy, ok?

So.  This pregnancy.  You see, after dealing with the pain of infertility, and the struggle of having a micro preemie, I try not to take a single day of my pregnancy for granted.  I'm so very grateful that I get to have this experience.  So I don't want to complain, not at all, but I just have to say...this sucks.  Even though my pregnancy with Russell taught me that I'd rather be 40 weeks pregnant than have a newborn, I'm just really looking forward to this being over.  And can you blame me?  I was sick to the point where you couldn't even mention food to me until 15 weeks (and needed one ER visit for IV fluids when I had a stomach virus), I bled from 13-18 weeks (requiring another ER visit) and was on bed rest that whole time, and then at 26 weeks I needed surgery (and another ER visit and 3-day hospital stay) to have my gall bladder removed.  Seriously?  This has just been a horrible experience all around.  I'd like to think that now it's time to relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy (last time I wasn't all that uncomfortable when I got huge in my last trimester), but I can't shake the feeling that something is coming next.  Maybe preeclampsia (I did have a little protein in my urine while I was in the hospital, which I've never had before).  Maybe preterm labor.  Maybe the placental abruption will rear its ugly head again.  Maybe something else obscure, like that gall bladder mess, that isn't even on my radar.  I don't know.  All I know is that I'm anxious to cross the finish line.

On a more generic update:

I've been throwing up about once every other week, and needing to pop a zofran for nausea a few times a week.  It's usually water first thing in the morning that pushes me over the edge and sends me to throw up.  
I have awful heartburn, especially in the evenings or after eating chocolate, and it requires a zantac and a tums to combat it.  
My hair is falling out like mad, but my thyroid is a-ok.  
I passed my glucose test with flying colors (thank goodness, because most of the time I feel like I'm getting low blood sugar and I need candy of some sort to make me feel less queasy).  
I've gained around 15 pounds, which is right on track...but that's sort of a guess, because I always retain a ton of fluids when I'm on an IV, so I literally gained at least 8 pounds in my 3 days in the hospital.  I'm still losing it after coming home 4 days ago.
Both my hips ache when I sleep at night, even though I've been using a pillow between my legs since at least 10 weeks.  My right hip is much worse, and it's definitely something more than sciatic nerve pain.  Sometimes when I roll over at night I'll feel my hip joint pop and feel instant relief.  I also have to be careful not to aggravate the nerve when I give myself my progesterone shot on that side.
I've definitely adopted a waddle since my surgery, and I think it's here to stay.
And since pregnancy isn't all bad, my skin is clearer than ever!  Because I have PCOS, I have acne from my messed up hormones.  My hormones must be doing something right right now, and I'm really enjoying having clear skin.  :)
I don't have to deal with insane cravings, which is nice.  There are some foods that I think about more than others (chocolate cake, strawberries, and goldfish crackers at the moment), but this is the first pregnancy where I'm not a slave to whatever sounds good.  That's a pretty nice feeling.
I also haven't had headaches with this pregnancy.  I had debilitating headaches with the first two, so I really appreciate that I don't need to be taking tylenol all day long, taking naps, turning off the lights and closing the curtains, and drinking tons of water and even caffeine to try to get the headaches to subside.  That was seriously awful, so I'm so happy to not have to deal with that!

Well, happy 27+1 to me and my third baby boy!  I would go get some cake to celebrate, but leaving the house (read: putting on real clothes, aka, maternity pants that will make contact with my incisions) doesn't appeal to me, so I just had some chocolate cake that our awesome neighbors brought us when they brought dinner a few days ago.  I finished it up.  No shame.

And since there are only two pairs of pajama pants that are comfortable on my post-surgery belly, there will be no 27+1 picture today.  But here are the other random belly shots I've taken recently:

21 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

23w4d with Caleb and 23 weeks with Russell

25 weeks

26 weeks

I'll let you imagine just how big I must be now and I promise I'll try to remember to take a picture the next time I actually put on something other than pajamas.  :)

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