Monday, April 13, 2015

No Doubt, It's Necessary

At times I've questioned whether we did all we could do before resorting to the feeding tube for Caleb...would we make the same choice if we knew then what we know now?  Then I see Caleb come down with a simple little stomach virus (or a cold, or any other virus) and his GI system completely shuts down to where he can hardly digest anything without throwing up.  He NEEDS that feeding pump to deliver a continuous slow drip of formula (or pedialyte) to keep him from needing an IV for hydration and blood sugar.  I can't count how many hospitalizations we've avoided because of his tube!  And that's to say nothing about being able to give him the calories he needs (and can't get on his own) to grow and thrive on a daily basis.  It's true, I'm pretty glad to have that little life-saving piece of silicone in his abdomen!

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