Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kid Quotes Again!

Caleb, asking for my help catching Zach before he got to the stairs: "MOM!  We need you!  You save all the days!"

Caleb, while trying unsuccessfully to open the child-proof cap on the gummy vitamins:  "How does it know I'm a CHILD?"

Caleb's favorite movie is Milo and Otis.  It used to be on netflix, but they discontinued it some time ago.  We checked it out from the library, and Caleb was sad when we had to return it.  He asked Nate, "Can you invent it to come back onto Netflix?  At work?  On Monday?"  (Sorry, Cal, I know Daddy can do lots of cool things on the computer, but Daddy doesn't work for Netflix!)

Russell, out of thin air, "Mom, if you see a poptart on the road, you should crash into it."

Caleb:  What would be crazy is if I had the stickiest feet in the world, as sticky as the stickiest gummy bears, and the stickiest ice cream, and I could climb on the ceiling.

Caleb:  Mom, does it take longer for you to grow up if you were a preemie?  [Yes, Caleb, it does!  What a clever little thinker!]

Caleb:  Dogs only have first names.
Me:  Dolly's last name is Purser, because she's in our family.
Caleb:  But what about a middle name?
Me:  We can give her one!  How about Face?  Dolly Face Purser.
Caleb:  Haha!  But she needs to be named after someone.
Me:  We could name her after you!
Caleb:  Dolly Caleb Purser.  But that won't work because it says 'Caleb Purser,' and that's ME!
Me:  Dolly Cal Purser.
Caleb:  YEAH!

Russell:  I think the moon is happy because the moon is smiling!

Russell, in a condescending tone:  Mom, Skye [a girl in his preschool] says "roof" when she's being a cat.

Caleb:  My mouth is getting sore from talking!

Caleb:  I have an anger and sadness core memory.  Russell and I were fighting over hotwheels in the front room.  But when I get baptized, that won't be a core memory anymore, because when I come out of the water I will only have happiness memories!

Russell:  Mom, sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach so when the baby sea turtles hatch they don't even know which sea turtle is their mom.  Isn't that sad??

We were talking about what it would be like to live in Narnia, where animals can talk, and I told Caleb that I always wondered what Hank would have to say, and Caleb said, "Dolly might have a very beautiful voice!"

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