Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello, Week 12!

taken 6/6/11 (11 weeks 5 days)

Today I am 12 weeks and the baby is the size of a lime. Holy smokes, that poppy seed grew fast!

The top of my uterus is finally above my pubic bone, meaning that before too long my flabby belly will become hard. (Right now my big belly is just internal organs being shoved upward and outward. Gross, I know. At times it looks and feels like a spare tire, but it can't be, because I haven't gained any weight. I guess that's just what happens when you're short?) The baby's brain and nerves are developing, and it now has reflexes! If I poke my belly, it will squirm away from the poke. Cool, huh?!

Thankfully, I'm not quite as sick as I was before. I still usually take 1/2 of a zofran pill every day. My headaches are getting waaay worse.

Water sounds repulsive to me. The only things that I want to drink are chocolate milk, gatorade, and sparkling cider. And snow cones. With my last pregnancy, in the first trimester I craved spinach leaves and carrot sticks dipped in spicy cilantro-lime ranch dressing. A box of chocolate cookies in the pantry sat untouched for months. I hated the thought of anything chocolate. THIS time...Little Debbie snacks are my best friends. And every single morning I eat a crunchy oats 'n' honey granola bar. Yummm. I just saw two commercials--one for twix and one for kit kat. I just about called Nate to ask if he'd get some from the vending machines at work and bring them home for me. I'm thinkin' my weight will increase much more easily this time around. Yikes. I hope the second trimester treats me well, so I can at least think about eating healthy things without getting sick. I want an easy recovery, like last time! And I want to take care of my little lime!


Cortney Scott said...

You look sooo cute. I can't wait to have another little one! It's funny cause my pregnancy I drank chocolate milk ALLL THE TIME! And peanut butter toast was my best friends. I wonder how it will be this time around?

Laurie K said...

Love the hair! Love you!I am so excited about your baby! And it sounds like Shawn and I are going to stick around long enough to meet your little one! We need to catch up soon!

Lindsee said...

Anna! I had no idea you were pregnant! How did I miss that?? I am so happy for you!! And chocolate milke and snow cones were my bff's too witht he twins. I remember getting those ginormous snow cones by Campus and eating the entire thing. Tyler was stunned because he would eat like half of one and feel sick with sugar. Pregnancy does crazy things.

Katie B said...

You look magnificent. Very cute hair.