Sunday, May 29, 2011

You guessed it...there's another one on the way!!

You know, I never thought that Caleb would ever have the word "big" describe him in any way, but in December (hopefully no sooner) he's going to be a BIG brother!

Here are the answers to some questions that you may have:

When am I due? December 21st. Hopefully I won't deliver any time before Thanksgiving (although it would be cool to have a baby on 11/11/11, and that would only be 6 weeks early).

Was this planned? Yes, of course. Do you think it's possible for my body to do this on its own? My doctor started me out on the same dose of Clomid that I got pregnant on with Caleb; 200mg. It only took two cycles, which was super nice compared to the five cycles of Clomid that it took for Caleb.

Am I having quadruplets? No, thank goodness, but I feel like it at times. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago to confirm that there was indeed only one baby in there. And there is! One little baby with a good, strong heartbeat! But there's also a little pocket of fluid that will either reabsorb or bleed its way out. But nothing concerning.

How am I feeling? Miserable. But I'm the happiest miserable person in the world! I've had a few days now where I can get by not taking zofran, which is nice, because if you've ever taken that med you know that it has one rather miserable side effect. I spent most of the last four weeks needing zofran three times a day. Ugh. Still, I often wake up in the middle of the night needing zofran/tylenol/a snack, which are all on my nightstand. I've only thrown up once, but most days I have 1-3 episodes where I wonder if I will be able to make it to the bathroom or a garbage can in time to hurl. But, it always seems to pass.

When I was pregnant with Caleb, I had five major pregnancy side-effects: Extreme hunger, frequent visits to the rest room (especially in the night), terrible migraines, crazy bad heartburn, and major moodiness. This time? I'll put it in nice little bullet points for you. :)
  • nausea/vomiting
  • a love/hate relationship with the bathroom. Any more info would be too much info. ;)
  • killer headaches
  • waaaay tired
  • I can hardly breathe out of my nose!! This is because of an increased blood volume; it's squeezing my nasal passages shut
  • abdominal discomfort (feels like pulled muscles, especially when I roll over in bed)
  • weird, vivid dreams (when I can actually sleep, that is)
  • and I'm starting to get heartburn. Lovely.
So far I'm not moody, which I am extremely grateful for! I think my dear husband is grateful for that, too.

So, the moral of the story is: this pregnancy is so different from the last one that I would be surprised if it wasn't a girl.

What are my plans for staying pregnant? Good question. We don't know yet. I found a new doctor's office that I LOVE. The thing with this office is that you see a different doctor every time you go in, which is good and bad. Every doctor there, though, is equipped and experienced enough to handle a pregnancy like mine. The first guy we saw said that I will definitely get the weekly progesterone shots (starting at 17 or 18 weeks) to keep me from going into preterm labor. He said that there's no reason not to. I like that. He also said that unless he is 100 percent sure that a cerclage (stitching the cervix shut) is the only way to keep a woman pregnant, he doesn't like to do it. But, he said that the next doctor we see might feel differently, and that that would be a good thing. It would let us see both sides and make our decision based off of what we feel and think. But time is running out! The cerclage has to be done before 14 weeks (that's just 3 weeks away). And my next appointment is only 2.5 weeks away! So, we're going to try to have our decision made before the next appointment, and then if the doctor gives us any very convincing information to sway us, we may change our minds. So we'll just have to see. We have lots of praying to do.

Do my clothes still fit? Why, thank you for asking! NO! With Caleb, I couldn't button my pants by 12 weeks, even though I hadn't gained a single pound! So far, I haven't gained any weight and I've been wearing my maternity pants for almost a week now. And I'm not even 11 weeks! They say you show earlier with your second pregnancy, and I showed early last time, so I'm really in for it! But I don't mind. You can call me "huge" all you want. I love having a "huge" pregnant belly. Just don't ever call me fat. It's not fat. It's a baby.
5/29/11; 10 weeks 4 days pregnant

Am I crazy? Yes, probably. We thought two years was the perfect gap between our kids, but now with Caleb's diagnosis I wonder what will happen if I have to go on bed rest (which isn't necessarily unlikely, especially if I don't have a cerclage). Sorry to have to lay this on everybody, but I might need a lot of help. I didn't plan on being a burden, but sometimes things change. There are just so many things that are out of my control.

But whatever happens, we're more excited than scared! I'm gonna have another baby! Hooray for little blessings from God!

And if you have any other questions, just ask. :)


Katie B said...

Yay!!!!! We're so excited for you guys! And you look fantastic and adorable. Take care of yourself!

Live-Love-Laugh said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you! :)

Katrina said...

I am so exited for you! And you look so cute! And really, don't hesitate to call if you need help with caleb! We'd love to play! :)

Cortney Scott said...

I am soooo happy and excited for you! let me know if there is anything i can do to help. You look absolutely beautiful!!

Nana said...

Congratulations my girl! I pray that everything will go just fine and that Caleb will be a healthy wonderful big brother!

*X and AA* said...

Yay for an official announcement! I'm so excited for you! And if you end up having a girl who gets your eyes like Caleb, holy cow you're gonna have two lil beauties on your hands! Lol. DO NOT HESITATE to call me if you need something! Put me on the list of people to call when you need dinner or help cleaning or entertaining Caleb or whatev!

Drew said...

Oh yay! that is so exciting. Congratulations. You guys are always in our prayers.

Katie Groneman said...

Wow, that is awesome! I'm soooo happy for you. Please let us know what we can do to help you keep that little kiddo in there as long as possible.

Megan said...

Yeah for the fun announcement. I'm sorry you feel miserable. It's so nice when that stage passes! What dr office did you decide to go with? Just wondering if it's mine since I rotate dr too. It's nice but can be frustrating especially since there are so many. Best of luck! Keep that baby bakin'

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

Congratulations!!!! I think it's crazy how diff pregnancies can be and are. Hazel wood necklaces from Inspired by Finn are supposed to help with heartburn. And it sounds like you're getting pelvic girdle pain or pelvic joint pain (same thing). There are support band things you can wear to help. It was soo hard carrying my second bc my abs weren't built back up so they were totally weak sauce. Anyway, I think your bun in the oven picture is super cute. Congrats!!!

A Close Family said...

Congrats, Anna! That is so great! Hopefully we won't have to meet in the NICU again :). We can pray for each other! And hope you get feeling better soon!

Mandy said...

When you Get Closer to Delivering i will Plan to come out and help you with Caleb and whatever else you need Especailly if you end up on bed rest.. Love you hope your well !!!

CatW3Kids said...

Hey Anna I know that I am not your neighbor and all, but we are still friends and if you ever need a break or some help just text me k! I am not that far from you and I would gladly take Caleb to play with my kids so you can have a break. So don't feel like a burden! I am so excited and happy for you!

Lindsee said...

Don't know how I missed this post. Once again, so excited for you! What good news that you only had to take 2 rounds of clomid! And the moodiness. I laugh at that. It makes me think of when you thought Ingrid and I were crazy for getting after people over nothing! Haha! We were crazy, crazy with hormones!