Monday, September 12, 2011

22 Months and PROGRESS!

It's probably about time for another update. At 22 months (19 months adjusted) Caleb:

  • Weighs 19 lbs 15.5 oz!! HOORAY! He gained half an ounce shy of two pounds since getting his g-tube two months ago. It took six months to gain two pounds before getting the feeding tube. Here is what his glorious "button" looks like (with a button pad on it, to soak up all of the discharge and goop that comes out of the "stoma," or the hole where the tube enters his stomach):

  • Wears some 6-9 month clothes and a lot of 12 month clothes! FINALLY!
  • Wears size three diapers during the day and size four diapers at night. He gets 6-10 oz of formula through his tube while he sleeps, so he has a very wet diaper by morning.
  • Has all of his teeth except for the second set of molars in the very back. I think they're coming in, because he's been drooling and always has to put everything in his mouth as far back as possible. He has been chewing on his left thumb (the one he sucks), and it got a scab and then a blister, which he popped. Gross, I know.
  • Is finally putting a hard consonant sound on a lot of his words. "Book" used to be "bu," but now it's "bup." Much better. :)
  • Uses quite a few small sentences.
  • Can use a fork and spoon to feed himself. He cheers every time he spears a piece of chicken or tuna with his fork and gets it successfully into his mouth. I cheer for him, too.
  • Can ask for whatever food he wants by name. He'll be eating sweet potatoes, and when they're gone he'll say, "bape?" (aka, grape). He asks for juice, grapes, raisins, sweet potatoes, apples, chicken, tuna...yeah, that's basically all he eats.
  • LOVES to count! He knows his numbers, but only once has he gotten them in the correct order by himself (1-4). When you count to ten for him, he cheers for you by clapping and saying, "yay!" :) Makes ya feel good. Today we were counting the grapes on his high chair tray, and when I was done counting them I went into the kitchen and he kept saying the numbers on his own, all jumbled around.
  • Loves to play "Ring Around the Rosie." Somehow I think it may be unwise for me to be swinging myself in circles and throwing myself to the ground, so this morning I sang the "Rosie" song and let Caleb spin around the room on his own. His favorite part is falling down. :) He says, "DOWN!," laughs, and gets up saying "adain? adain?" (again?, again?).
  • He also loves football, like all little BYU cougars do:
  • He also loves somersaults:
  • He also loves to put his stacking rings on his feet and wear them around the house like high heels. Seriously. He can RUN with these things on! Cute little weirdo. :)
  • He also knows that his dog's name isn't "Dog." It's "Meg." And he's learning that his aunties all have different names, too, but they're harder to pronounce.
  • Knows that when the credits roll at the end of a movie or TV show, the show is over. He says, "Bye-bye, show" while waving at the TV.
  • Recognizes so many words that we have to spell things when we don't want him to know what we're talking about. "Nate, are we going to go o-u-t-s-i-d-e right now, or later?" "Are we ready to give Caleb a b-a-t-h yet?" He gets a little bit too excited to go outside or to take a bath or to go bye-bye, so we can't let the thought into his head until we're ready, or else we're just asking for a bit of a fight. On Sunday morning I put his shoes on him too soon, and he wanted to go to church (which he can say) that very moment, which would have made us very early. So, we put him in the stroller and walked very slowly to church. :) Let's hope he isn't an early speller.
  • Tries to hold "light" in his hands:
  • Likes to watch TV (and other things) with his hands clasped behind his back. Especially fitting for Jane Austen movies:
  • Loves getting and giving kisses. When you want to give him a kiss, just say so and he'll put his forehead against your lips.
  • When he gives you a high-five, he has to give one to everyone in the room. He just gave me a "five" and immediately afterwards shouted, "Auntie? Five? Five? Five?" (she was in the other room), until she came and gave him a five. :)
It's amazing to see how much he can learn when we just take the time to teach him. He's learning so fast these days! At every stage, I think "this is the funnest stage of them all!" and it's true, this stage really is the funnest!


Heather said...

How I can not smile when I read about my cutest nephew. Thanks for posting this stuff. It's so fun to keep up to date.

*Alice Anne* said...

Ha ha ha @ him trying to hold light in his hand!!! He is getting so smart! And funny! And big! And healthy! Yay!