Thursday, September 22, 2011


I DID IT! I made it to 27 weeks and one day! I'm not on bed rest, in the hospital, or in labor! And I won't be tomorrow, either! Or the next day! Or the next! I very well could go all the way with this one! Or at least into the 30s!

Today I celebrated my pregnantness by having a 3D ultrasound done. Now I have pictures of both of my boys at 27 weeks and one day! I'd show you, but our CD drive doesn't work. I'll show you later. Let me just tell you, the new baby has cheeks! And his chin doesn't seem as pronounced as Caleb's was. And his feet aren't as long and skinny as Caleb's were. And he's adorable, just like his brother.

Then I celebrated by having a DQ ice cream cake!
(Forgive me for failing to photograph the lovely cake before making the first cut....)

And now, here I am at 26 weeks 4 days with Caleb:
At 27 weeks 1 day with Caleb:
And at 27 weeks 1 day this time:
Looking much better, huh? As in...not in LABOR!

At this point, I'm certainly bigger than I was last time. I have two new, tiny stretch marks on my belly to prove it (last time I only got one tiny stretch mark on my belly, and it came when Caleb was TWO WEEKS OLD! Not fair!). I'm gaining weight in places other than my belly (I think), which isn't my favorite thing. I don't have sciatic nerve pain like last time, but I do have awful back aches. I can tell that this baby has recently reached the level of my ribs, but he is kind enough to only kick outward, not upward. Caleb kicked upward into my ribs a whole week before he was born, and I wasn't able to breathe. I still have to take half of a zofran pill every morning around 6AM for nausea, or else I can't fall back to sleep. I don't have an insatiable hunger like last time, but I crave all sorts of unhealthy things. I'm workin' on not giving in to every single craving. It can be hard.

And judging by the picture, I'll probably have the biggest pregnant belly you have ever seen if I make it to 40 weeks! Don't you think? I'm going to do my best to embrace it. I'm SO glad I'm still pregnant!


brenkachicka said...

You are such a cute pregnant momma! I love that when I scroll up and down it looks like the stripes on your shirt move... Very trippy.
I am so glad you are still pregnant too! I'd like to say I can't wait to meet my new nephew, BUT I can wait!

Lindsee said...

Biggest pregnant belly you have ever seen if you make it to 40 weeks? HA! Nice try, Anna, nice try. It's like you forgot what a freak-show I was.

You look adorable and happy!

*Alice Anne* said...

You look so pretty! And happy! And pregnant! Yaaaaaaay!