Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How my child eats!

It's Feeding Tube Awareness Week! In honor of raising awareness of feeding tubes, I thought I would post a video of how we feed Caleb.

We took this video when I was nearing my due date, thinking that it would be good to have easy-to-follow directions for anyone who might be babysitting Caleb. So, yes, I have a huge belly and there is hardly any space for Caleb to sit on my lap. :)

This type of feeding is called a "gravity feed." Other ways to feed would be pushing it in with a syringe (with a plunger); and pump feeding, where you use a feeding pump with a special bag full of formula. The pump can be programmed to deliver the formula at different rates. You can go as slow as half an ounce per hour, or six ounces in ten minutes, or even faster, depending on what the person can tolerate.

Also, you can feed things other than formula through a feeding tube. A lot of people do a "blenderized diet," where they take a regular meal and blend it up in a high-end blender and put it through the feeding tube either with a syringe or a pump. Since Caleb can only eat nine different foods, a blenderized diet won't work for him. His foods don't make up a balanced diet. It's unfortunate, because a lot of kids do better with real food vs. formula.

And now you know how we feed our little child. Every three hours during the day, and once while he sleeps at night.



Katie Bradley said...

That was actually really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Kemp Kuties said...

Wow, Anna. Wow. I can't hardly imagine. Thank heavens Caleb is super happy. i just can't imagine... Thank you for posting that