Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pictures and videos too good not to share

Happy Russell:
So strong!:
Two boys enjoying tummy time, Caleb on his special Monkey Pillow and Russell on his special Russell Pillow (aka, the boppy nursing pillow):
I wish I had more than one outfit like this for him:
Two mini Paul Bunyans (Caleb calls this his "Paul Bunyan Shirt):
Cowboy Cal!:

Dancing and singing along to the credits of his favorite movie, Rio:

"Check it out!" "Where'd the angry bird go?"

Remember how I told you that Caleb has his books memorized? Well, here we are reciting a book from memory together:
(At the end, when I say, "It's quiet now, what do you say?" he says, "I love you, too." He knows that Mommy, Daddy, Aunties, Grandma, and Grandpa all say, "I love you," so naturally Caleb says, "I love you, too!")


Katie Groneman said...

So cute! We need to get Caleb and Lindy together with that book - she can't say it yet, but she'll start smiling, happy as a clam to hear it. And seriously, Russell has changed a ton in just the last few weeks.

Live-Love-Laugh said...

Adorable, Anna! I loved watching all the videos. Caleb has sure grown up...I love when he says, "Check it out!" Too cute!