Monday, May 13, 2013


I put "friends" in quotations because these aren't just regular, ordinary friends.  Caleb has a handful of those, too, but these friends are special.  Meet the "friends:"

Funny Bunny

 Mickey Mouse

 Woofie Doggie

Each friend has his own story.  Funny Bunny was at the check-in desk at the Children's Hospital when Caleb went in for one of his scopes.  I believe it was his second or his third scope.  Caleb pointed to it and asked the receptionist if he could hold it.  She told him he could have it, and he has clung to it ever since.  Sometimes he wakes in the night, crying because he can't find Funny Bunny.  He named him himself--Funny Bunny makes a squeaking, laughing noise and it's a bit creepy and a bit funny.  Hence, Funny Bunny.

Mickey Mouse was acquired at Disney World when we went there in the spring of 2012 for my brother's wedding.  Caleb has been a Mickey Mouse fan from the first time he saw Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Our very own Mickey Mouse joined our family just after meeting the real Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.

Woofie Doggie has been around for a very long time.  During the third month of Caleb's NICU stay, the Parent Support Network came to his room as they did once a week and gave us a gift.  She told me I could choose a bear or a cowboy dog.  Of course I picked the cowboy dog!  He wears a little red bandanna on his neck.  One day when Caleb was old enough to talk, I told him that we should give a name to his doggie and asked him what he wanted to name it.  He thought for a second, and I suggested Cowboy.  He said, "No!  Woofie Doggie!"  So Woofie Doggie it is.

Every night when we tuck Caleb into bed, he asks for his friends.  We give them to him and he takes each one and puts it on his chest, facing outward, and puts his arm around them, rolls to his left side, and sticks his left thumb in his mouth.

Caleb needs all three friends at bedtime, unless, of course, one of them is dirty.  He's fine if he has to wait for a friend to go through the laundry, he just needs to know where it is before going to bed.  He is also fine if he can only take one friend on overnight trips.  If all three friends are dirty at the same time, like they were last night when they were all soiled with vomit, then he will gladly take a replacement.  But he's always glad to get his true friends back.

snuggling his friends on the couch while recovering from his stomach virus

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