Thursday, November 7, 2013

Home Improvements: Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Remember how I said in my kitchen blog post that there wasn't anything that I would change in my kitchen now?  Well, I was wrong.

This wall, to the side of the fridge.  It bugged me.  It was big and plain.

And it had this water damage on the bottom ( don't know what from).  It just always looked dirty.  Yuck.

Soooo...I turned it into this!:

(Yes, that is my husband scrubbing the dishes in the background.  Yes, I hit the jackpot.)

I first painted it with magnetic paint.  The directions on the can say it needs three coats, but I literally put on about 10.  It was a huge pain in the rear and I was afraid that it would be my first official DIY disaster.  But!  It turned out great.  It doesn't hold all magnets, but it holds lightweight ones with a strong pull.  After the many coats of magnetic paint were dry, I put on two light coats of chalkboard paint.

And now the entrance to the kitchen is much more welcoming!  We use it for keeping shopping lists, hanging the boys' artwork, working on ABCs and fine motor skills, and allowing creative expression!  I'm excited to use it to display Christmas cards this winter.

If you've got a spot in your house that's begging for a little bit of creativity, magnetic and chalkboard paint is a great way to go!  Just search "magnetic chalkboard DIY" on pinterest.  So many cute ideas!

TDC Before and After

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