Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We've got another baby on the way!!

The newest Purser is due June 8th!

And now, since I'm sure you're all dying to know but don't want to ask, let me give you details:

How did this come about?  Getting pregnant is a very medical process for me.  This time it took a total of 12 months.  That's a whole year of people awkwardly looking at my belly as if waiting for a pregnancy announcement, since, of course, Russell is nearing his third birthday and by the time Caleb was that age we had a 9-month-old.  Sorry, but my little belly was just leftovers after the number Russ did on my abs.  (BTW, my doctor said I'll need surgery to fix my torn abs, so I'm going to look 3 months pregnant until that happens, so it's ok to stop staring.)

With Caleb it took 15 months and with Russ it took 2 months, both requiring 200 mg of clomid to get me to ovulate.  This time I went on clomid for three months, ovulating each time and still not getting pregnant.  That's the maximum that my doctor felt comfortable keeping me on that level of hormones, so he referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE).  They ran some tests and found that I have a blocked fallopian tube.  My "good" tube initially appeared to be blocked as well, but after putting some pressure on it the radiologist was able to get it to clear out.  The RE prescribed a different fertility med and after getting my fallopian tube cleared out, I got pregnant right away!  Which is a very good thing, because the next step would have been hormone injections, which greatly increases your chance of multiples.  I'm scared to death of having multiples, with my high-risk status and with the high likelihood of my kids having growth and feeding problems. many are there?  Just one.  :)  We've already had two ultrasounds at the RE to confirm that it's not ectopic, to see how many babies are there, and to detect a heartbeat.  Just one little baby in there, measuring right on track, with a good, strong heartbeat.

How have you been feeling?  Sick.  I spent the first few weeks feeling awesome, and then right at 6 weeks I got super sick and have been sick ever since.  So far I've broken all my previous records for how many times in a pregnancy I've thrown up--4 times so far.  And I'm sure it's not over.  I have a few good hours here and there, but I've pretty much just held down the couch for the last two weeks.  Thankfully, my boys have been awesome.  Caleb and Russ play together nicely all day, and Nate makes dinner, does the shopping (I tried to go to the store yesterday and had to keep my eyes on the floor...just looking at all of that food made me sick), and cleans the house.  They're all awesome and deserve gold stars.

I'm also exhausted and need at LEAST one nap a day.

That's about it for pregnancy symptoms...just nausea, vomiting, and tiredness.  Oh, and I've lost weight since the nausea is keeping me from being able to eat much, but you'd never know since my belly is popping out already.  But it's not the cute, hard, round belly, uh-uh, it's the flabby chubby belly.  Not my favorite part of pregnancy.  I'm excited to actually start showing.

How did the big brothers take the news?  They literally started jumping up and down, shouting, "YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!"  Caleb tells me every day how he really wants it to be a girl, because we already have three boys and only one girl in our family.  Russell asks every day if it has teeth yet (tooth buds will be forming this month!).  They absolutely love telling people--they say "Mommy has a baby!"  I suggested that maybe the boys can share a room and the baby can have the other room, and Russell said he wanted to share a room with the baby.  They talk about the baby all of the time!  I can confidently say that they are going to be amazing big brothers.

So, a June birthday, eh?  How do you feel about that? Well, thanks for asking!  ;)  I always wanted to avoid summer birthdays, because I don't want my kids to be the youngest in their class.  But when it takes you 12 months to get pregnant, you take whatever you can get!  And there are some really nice things about having a baby in June, too.  It's not the middle of flu and sick season, which will be awesome after having two babies in the dead of winter and having to quarantine ourselves.  And perhaps the one I'm most excited about: the sun.  Ever since having Russ in December, I've had Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every winter.  It's awful.  And combine that with the baby blues?  It seriously took me over 4 months to bond with Russell.  I'm looking forward to having lots of sun and nice, long days to keep my mood in a good place.  And as far as being pregnant for a whole winter...I'm going to have to get a UV lamp to try to combat the SAD.  Seriously, pregnancy hormones (and post-pregnancy hormones) aren't good to my mood.

Any goals for this pregnancy? Well, now that I know I can go to full-term, my goal is to have a 9-pounder.  ;)  I've come to accept that my children will always have a hard time growing and are likely to have problems with food allergies/intolerances/reactions, so I want to give this baby the best chance possible at being big!  Russ was 8lbs 5oz at birth, was Failure to Thrive by 4 days old, and was completely below the charts by 6 months.  So I want to give this baby the best chance possible by starting out bigger than ever!  9 pounds sounds good to me.

I also want to deliver without more than three pushes.  ;)  After a difficult delivery with short, fat, posterior Russell, my doctor guaranteed me that my next baby's delivery would be a breeze.  I'm holding him to it (even though I switched doctors).  I can have a 9-pounder with three pushes or less, right?  It may be wishful thinking, but it's on my "wants" list.

And there you have it.  Our third baby is on the way and we couldn't be more excited!

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