Monday, July 12, 2010

Eight Months!

I can't believe another month has gone by.

At eight months, The Kid:
  • Still wears size 1 diapers
  • Still wears 0-3 month clothing
  • Weighed 11 lbs 14.5 ounces two days ago--and may be up to 12 lbs by now! Big guy!
  • Eats solid foods! He has one fruit/veggie per day (just orange veggies and bland fruits) and 1-2 tablespoons of rice cereal per day. His favorites are squash and sweet potatoes. His least favorite are bananas and pears.
  • Has eczema. Bad. All over his chin, cheeks, arms, thumbs, and the backs of his legs. He has a steroid cream that we use twice a day now. The Doc said that it could be caused by a dairy allergy. That means I'd have to cut dairy out of my diet. And the hundreds of ounces of milk in my freezer would be garbage. And The Kid would have to have formula to supplement (unless I pumped my life away to increase my supply).
  • May be trying to wean himself. Since we came back from Minnesota he's only been willing to nurse in the morning. Yet another reason why pumping my life away would stink. Good-bye spare time.
  • Loves it when Mommy sings to him. It makes him smile every time.
  • Babbles with consonances! He says, "mama, dada, nana," and "baba." He doesn't know what those words mean, but he loves to make the sounds!
  • Can make a "pop" sound with his lips. Cute. Very.
  • Will never be able to play for the MLB. He's had too many steroids. ;)
Our Flat Stanley photo shoot is getting more difficult. The Kid has mastered the art of grabbing what he wants--and he'll roll to get it. Oh, and he likes fun colors. I had to keep his attention by holding a toy by the camera. He knew he couldn't grab it, so he was giving me puppy dog eyes to get me to give it back to him. Sweet kid.



Here is a video of The Kid babbling. I only caught a little bit of it, at the very beginning, but the whole thing is cute. :D

Here is a video showcasing The Kid's smarts. Thanks, Nana, for the fun toy!

Here is a video to make you all jealous. I get to hear that beautiful sound every day. :P

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