Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mosquitoes...messed up schedules...major lack of sleep...MINNESOTA!

The Boy, The Kid, and I took a week to go to The Northwoods. It was great. The Kid made it back to The Valley without a single mosquito bite. I was proud.

We got to meet my new nephew, The Busy Bee. He is only three months older than The Kid and about twice his size. Literally.

We swam in the lake with these cute nephews.
We saw TWO parades with these cutie pies.
The Kid was stylin' in his "firecracker" romper.
We went to Lake Itasca, where the Mighty Mississippi River starts.
The Kid dangled his feet in.
We took pictures with all six cousins. Too cute.
We visited Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox.
The Kid made a new friend. Bob.

They had a little chat.
And now we miss it all.

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brenkachicka said...

Love the post! Even the picture of me with the mark he left on my sleeve when he chewed on it!