Monday, August 16, 2010

Three More Things:

1) My 9-month-old still wears 0-3 month clothing.
2) The Doc ok'd The Kid to stop needing fortified milk! Yay! Now he really is like a normal baby! Mostly.
3) Thank you all SO MUCH for your comments about my pumping dilemma. You all really were so helpful. I've decided not to make a concrete decision until The OT comes and evaluates the problem. After all, there may be an easier solution.

And actually, The Kid has started nursing again (but he's still not super good at it--I still have to top him off with a bottle and I still have to pump afterward). I'm pretty sure that reflux was the problem. We took him off of Prevacid and it made his throat so sore that it took a few weeks to heal even after we put him back on the medicine! Poor baby. I wouldn't want to eat, either.

But the good news is...this morning, for only the second time EVER, The Kid was able to nurse enough that he didn't need any more from the bottle! Hooray! Keep it up, Kid!


Katie B said...

Hey, the boys just got a prescription for Prevacid today. I hope it makes them happy.

Megan said...

No more fortification. I bet your thrilled! Caleb really is growing up. He is so strong and cute. I can't believe he just keeps getting more handsome. A heart breaker I tell ya, a heart breaker!