Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bath Time!

The Kid loves bath time. His favorite part is The Pig. The Pig was a gift from Auntie J.B., my twin.

We literally have to put a towel on the floor when The Kid gets a bath. This is a poor attempt at capturing what I look like after enduring The Kid's splashes:Speaking of bath time, The Boy succumbed to advertising ploys and bought Old Spice body wash. Seriously. We were in WalMart and I was buying shampoo when The Boy said, "Oh! I'm going to get some Old Spice body wash!" Now he smells like Game Day...every day! And do you know what? I sure bet he could bake me a gourmet cake in the kitchen he built me with his bare hands. He smells that good.


CatW3Kids said...

Too Cute!!!

brenkachicka said...

Really? Old Spice? I love their commercials. LOVE THEM. I laugh every time I watch them.

Matt said...

Ginger smelled mine once, and now she makes my brother buy it. Heh.