Friday, January 28, 2011

Ah, to Eat.

This is what it looks like when Caleb eats the way the feeding specialist suggested: (you know, using the food as a distraction...doesn't he look happy?)

This is Caleb eating the one thing I can count on to save his life if he ever decides to starve himself to death--a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll:

(yes, he is licking his fingers, and yes, he is picking up the crumbs)


Being An Allred said...

I wish I could eat swiss cake rolls and look that doing it.:)

CatW3Kids said...

You would think he would want something to drink with that. LoL! It makes me thristy just watching it. :)

Nana said...

ummm chocolate!

emilia. said...

anna, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. i was telling my mom that i didn't know how to thank you for writing such nice things.

you are so lovely, and i really admire your perspective as you face your own challenges! rock on!

tell your cute husband that i say "hi", and kiss that cute cute baby!

i love you.