Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Caleb has come a long way in the last few weeks and months. Remember the birthday post? Well, now he's a completely different baby.

As of today, Caleb:
  • crawls like a pro
  • wears size 3 diapers while he sleeps, and size 2 while he's awake (he only takes a bottle before naps and bedtime, so the size 2's stay pretty dry)
  • still wears size 3-6 month clothing
  • has 8 teeth (four on the top and four on the bottom)
  • weighs in at exactly 16 pounds (as of about a week ago)
  • can FINALLY go from a crawl to a sit
  • can pull himself up to his feet on anything (and everything)
  • likes to kneel as he plays with his toys
  • still won't bend his knees and hold his own weight at the same time (remember--he never bounced on my lap as a little one. He locks his knees). This means that he has to do the splits and fall back onto his little bum to get down from when he's standing:
  • is starting to take a few steps while holding onto furniture
  • says "dog," "dada," "mama," and "bye-bye"
  • giggles best for Auntie Jenna (who is now living with us while she goes to BYU)
  • is COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP to his actual age (13.5 months) in every way (social, developmental, fine motor, etc.) except for gross motor skills. Not bending his knees while bearing weight is one big part of it. He's also not walking, but I completely expect that he'll take his first step around his due date (at one year adjusted age). Even though he's not caught up with gross motor skills, he still isn't technically delayed since he's at the level of a 10.5-month-old, which is what they expect of a preemie, but the baby psychologist suggested that I look into physical therapy again. He'll be evaluated soon, hopefully, but I still kind of expect that he won't qualify
  • is not eating cow's milk or formula at all. Remember his eating problems? He was eating so little that the nutritionist gave me the number of a woman with loads of extra frozen breast milk in hopes that a sensitive digestive system would be the problem, and that the milk would help. He did well with that for the first few days, but then he tapered off again. And then he started eating half the amount of solids that he used to eat. On a normal day, he would consume about 12-15 ounces of milk, 1 jar of baby food, and about 1/4 cup of baby cereal. And a few finger foods. It was stressful. So I took him to the pediatrician in hopes that he could get us in to see the GI specialist sooner since he was so dehydrated (and since he was eating less than he ate when he came home from the hospital and needed 16 ounces a day in order to gain a few ounces per week). The Doc wanted to do a weight check in two weeks. If he doesn't gain at least 4 ounces in two weeks, he'll pull some strings and get us in to see a different GI specialist whose schedule is more flexible. But, of course, now he's eating better. Not great, but better. For three days in a row now he's eaten two full jars of baby food per day. Yesterday he ate 18 ounces of milk. This morning he actually drooled while chewing on a toy. Is it weird that that's a big deal to me?


brenkachicka said...

I love that baby!
Thanks for the update!

Nana said...

You should print your blogs out and put them in his baby book so he can see how he developed when he's older. I love hearing about his growing and this keeps me in touch. Thanks!

Heather said...

Glad to hear he's eating a little better even if that doesn't help figure out the puzzle of why he wasn't. He is such a cute little man and we had a blast hanging out with you guys over Christmas!

A Close Family said...

I'm so happy for him! And for you! What great accomplishments! It's so fun and amazing to see how far they have come and will continue to go. Little miracles!