Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy One-Year-Adjusted Birthday!

Yes, today is the day Caleb is supposed to be one. Never mind that he'll be 15-months-old in two days. He is now closer to "toddler" than "baby" (although he doesn't exactly toddle yet).

At one year adjusted, Caleb:
  • Still has 8 teeth
  • Still wears size 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes (I KNOW! PROGRESS!)
  • Wears size three diapers (which we only need to change 3 times a day)
  • Can easily crawl up stairs
  • Cruises around furniture of all types (and sometimes walls)
  • Can stand on his own for a maximum of about 10 seconds
  • Can't go to the standing position unless he has something to pull up on
  • Is getting better at putting things in containers instead of just taking them out (he's been doing it for a while, but he's finally decided that it's fun)
  • Sometimes organizes the food on his high chair tray (i.e., he'll put the bread in one section, the grapes in another, etc.)
  • Has barely started stacking things
  • Consumes 10-13 ounces of pediasure each day
  • Actually enjoys eating grapes (but he spits out the skin), diced ham, and usually avocados
  • Is still on prevacid for his reflux and is now on an appetite stimulant
  • Is extremely vocal--I plan on doing another post about it, but he knows and uses daily at least six words and will mimic many more
  • Gives kisses on demand (as long as he's in an affectionate mood)
  • Points at things that interest him and reaches for things that he wants
  • Still refuses to clap
  • Has an unlimited amount of energy but thankfully still naps in the AM for about 1.5 hours (although sometimes it's just quiet time in his crib), still has one glorious 3-hour nap in the PM, and still sleeps 11ish hours at night
  • Gets incredibly hyper when tired
  • Shakes his head "no" when he's extremely happy (he doesn't know it means "no," and I don't want to teach him...haha!)
  • Has therapy with the feeding specialist twice a month and now goes to the movers playgroup with Kids on the Move every week for a little bit of physical therapy help and more opportunities to learn from other kids (it's SO FUN!)
  • Weighs about 16 lbs 5 oz (optimistically) (about the size of the average 6-month-old)
  • Loves "this little piggy" as long as you tickle his tummy when the littlest piggy cries wee wee wee all the way home :)
He also:

Enjoyed a fresh banana once:
Likes American Idol:
(This lucky girl got a ticket to Hollywood!)

Is Yoda's doppelganger:
("Judge me by my size, do you?")

Videos of new and entertaining things coming soon!


Niki said...

Haha! Love those pictures! What a little man you've got. I can't believe he uses words! I was thinking about the clothing sizing and decided Millie can go larger since girl clothes (dresses, jumpers, leggings, etc) don't have to fit as closely as boy clothes. I still squeeze her in some 0-3 month things and make her wear some 12 month things. Oh, and we don't change very many diapers either. Thank heavens because she no longer lays down for it!

Ellie said...

Happy Adjusted Birthday, Caleb! (You better have a party or something. :)
He is doing so great! And oh man am I jealous of that 3 hour nap...I don't think Noah has ever taken a 3 hour nap...and I don't think he knows what "quiet time" means either. Can you come visit and have some of that rub off? :)