Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Things! (videos)

Caleb and Daddy love to play. Here Caleb is, protecting his belly from zerberts by using his feet (and laughing like a maniac):

I taught Caleb this trick the other day:
Now he thinks it's cool to hear his voice inside of the bucket. :)

This is what Caleb does when he's really happy:

I filled the tub just a little fuller than usual, and Caleb made a discovery:
Yes, it's very fun to splash!

(Remember when this is what bath time was like? Wow, have things changed.)

And when I can actually capture it, I'll post videos of Caleb saying "uh-oh" (which he says constantly), saying "ball," and standing/almost walking. Maybe by the time I get around to it, he'll actually be walking and I can post a video of that!

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Nana said...

Wonderful to see him grow!