Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Word is Mightier...

Caleb has a great vocabulary. It's very comforting to me that he knows and uses words, because it means he can learn and that his brain is working, even if his body isn't (although his body is, it's just a little slower). Here are the words that he knows and uses:
  • dada
  • auntie (Did you know that Caleb's auntie who lives with us is my identical twin? Yeah. He now calls me auntie. It's a little heartbreaking.)
  • dog (he uses it for Meggie Dog, his stuffed dog, and any other real dog he sees)
  • cat (he learned it when we had a cat, who ran away after two weeks, but he still remembered it when he saw our neighbor's cat)
  • turtle
  • uh-oh!
  • a-choo:

Ya know how basically every baby thinks it's hilarious if you fake sneeze? Well, I did it thinking it would make Caleb laugh, but instead he copied me. Now when he fake sneezes, I laugh. :) And he does it every time someone sneezes for real. I love it.

Remember this? I loved that, too.


brenkachicka said...


Mandy said...

That is so Cute ! I love Caleb.. I want to be an aunty so bad ...

*X and AA* said...

He's so adorable, Anna! And I just barely found out your sister was actually living with you! That's gotta be confusing for the poor child. LOL

Kelli said...

he is so wonderful! i love the video. thanks for reading my blog. it absolutely does not freak me out. you are funny. i'm so glad you guys are doing well. it was good to hear from you!

Nana said...

Your gramma & her identical twin used to switch and try to fool us kids. Fooled my brothers, but I always knew who was who. What a lucky kid to have a live-in spare! He is a cutie pie!