Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I think it's about time that I update you all on Caleb's development again. It's been a while.

As of today (at almost 17 months of age, almost 14 months adjusted) Caleb:
  • Weighs somewhere in the low 16-pound range
  • Wears size three diapers
  • Has outgrown about half of his 3-6 month clothes, and has grown into most of his 6-9 month clothes
  • Takes one afternoon nap per day
  • WALKS on his own all over the place, but still crawls a lot because he hasn't figured out how to stand up without pulling himself up on something
  • Laughs at the oddest things: when I blow my nose, when I use the bulb syringe on his nose, when I wipe his bum while changing a dirty diaper...
  • Has finally learned how to drink from a sippy cup (but ONLY the old tupperware kind that I used as a kid and aren't spill-proof)
  • Chews and rips his food with his teeth very well (I'm talkin' I can give him a whole piece of bread and he'll take bites, as long as he doesn't throw it to the dog)
  • Can identify toes and belly on himself and others
  • Identifies things in pictures (balls, dogs)
  • Answers correctly when you ask, "What does a dog say?"
  • Thinks that all hairy animals in books are dogs
  • Loves to clap his hands when I sing pat-a-cake
  • Is no longer scared of the washer and dryer
  • Initiates peek-a-boo often
  • Waves bye-bye by flicking his fingers against his thumb
  • Loves to "sing" along when I sing, he hears soft music, and even did it when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing
  • Dances by flapping his arms up and down
Caleb is still a little bit delayed with gross motor skills. He doesn't even come close to using a spoon yet. But he's catching up well, and he's rather advanced vocally and developmentally.

He talks a LOT! These are the words that he knows (his own pronunciations, if different, are in parenthesis):
  1. dog (da)
  2. mama
  3. dada
  4. auntie (aunto)
  5. toes
  6. baby (bayba)
  7. bye-bye (ba-baaaaaw)
  8. night-night (nigh-nigh)
  9. duck (du)
  10. book (bah)
  11. ball (bah)
  12. Jesus (Jesuh)
  13. sock (sah)
  14. no (sometimes no, sometimes doh)
  15. thank-you (day-du)
  16. gentle (dendo)
  17. arf (what a dog says--Meggie Dog taught him this one)
  18. shhh (as in "be quiet")
  19. uh-oh
Here is a video of Caleb pounding his belly (another fun new trick), identifying his toes (and saying "toe," too), and identifying Mama's belly.

Unfortunately, when he tries to say "belly," it comes out "baby," always pointing at my tummy. No, there is not a baby in Mama's tummy. Sorry, bud.

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