Saturday, April 2, 2011

105 days total

Caleb has spent over one fifth of his life in the hospital now.

Here is the chain of events that landed us in the hospital once again:

Tuesday, March 22nd: Caleb finally got over the cold that he had been battling for over a week. He had an RSV test and chest x-rays, and we were told that he didn't have RSV or pneumonia, just a common cold.

Thursday, March 24th: Caleb started coughing a dry, nasty cough. That evening he fell asleep in my arms 1.5 hours before his bedtime.

Friday, March 25th: I took Caleb to the doctor because he was very lethargic, cranky, had been throwing up about once a day, and had a fever of almost 103 degrees. He was diagnosed with an ear infection and put on antibiotics and zofran (for nausea and vomiting). The doctor said that if he wasn't noticeably better by Monday to bring him back in. Before we even got home that afternoon, Caleb started getting worse. He threw up many times each day throughout the weekend.

Monday, March 28th: I took Caleb back to the doctor. His oxygen levels were low (down to 74 at one point when it's supposed to be mid 90's to 100) and he was more dehydrated than ever. The doctor decided to admit him to the hospital. There, he got an IV, supplemental oxygen, more chest x-rays, many blood tests, and a snot test for RSV and the flu virus.
Nate also had RSV and had to wear a mask for the first few days until he felt better.

The next few days kinda blended together. The chest x-rays came back negative for pneumonia. He was taken off of oxygen on Tuesday afternoon (when he pulled the oxygen tube out of the wall when no one was looking. He just wanted to prove that he could do it). Also on Tuesday he started having such bad diarrhea that they wanted to keep him an extra day, despite his breathing being fine. The RSV test came back positive (which is very comforting to me, actually--if it was just a common cold that he needed supplemental oxygen for, I would be scared that
every time he got a cold he would need oxygen). Every other test came back negative. They
said that he had a random stomach virus, not the flu. They would have sent us home on Thursday, but Caleb refused to take fluids orally. They sent us home on Friday although he still wouldn't drink very much.
Watching Baby Einsteins. I love that show. What a lifesaver.
This is Caleb saying "cheese."
The nurses loved him. He learned all of the cues for when to say "bye-bye." He learned that he could pull his IV tube to make the IV pole come close enough to his crib so that he could reach the equipment on it and play with it. He learned how to say "cheese" for pictures. He learned how to say "thank you"--a necessary phrase, since he got so many compliments on his charming eyes and ridiculously long eyelashes. (He still needs help using that phrase at the right times, though.)

The nurse who took out his IV said that he was the best kid that she's ever done that to--EVER. He just stood there, watching what she was doing. When she took the tape off, it hurt a little so he stuck his thumb in his mouth for comfort and just continued watching her. When she actually removed the IV, he cried a tiny cry for a split second. When she was done, he just went back to playing. He was a perfect angel, as usual.

Now it's Saturday and Caleb looks and feels great! He's eating enough (just barely--like normal) and we have our GI scope rescheduled for 2.5 weeks from now. He started walking hard-core today! And he never stops smiling! Except for when he face plants right into his dump truck toy after walking all of the way across the room. Then he cried.

Oh yeah, and now I have RSV. Yuck.

Every day I am impressed with Caleb's joyful personality, his strong spirit, and his happy demeanor. I don't know anyone who is tougher than him. That poor child has been through so much, but you would never know it! He is such an amazing example to me. I love him so much, and I'm so honored that I get to be his mother, witness his miracles, and be the recipient of his love. Every day I am in awe of the obstacles that he has overcome and the cheerfulness that he always exhibits. I never thought that my biggest hero and greatest earthly example would be my own tiny son.


Megan said...

He looks so happy in all the hospital pictures you would never guess that's where he was (minus his cute little robe)! I am glad he is doing better and so excited about his walking! I hope you feel better soon.

*X and AA* said...

I love that last paragraph, Anna! Caleb seems so happy all the time. He's so awesome...and I bet we can all learn a thing or two from him. :)