Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Saturday: We MARCH!

I am issuing one last call for help. I know that so many of you care a lot about Caleb. We have been blessed with so much love and support from you in the past year and a half. You all look forward to hearing about Caleb's latest accomplishments and you find joy in all of the entertaining things that he does.

We are fortunate. Not everyone is so fortunate. Babies die. My friend's baby died. There were at least two babies who died in the NICU while Caleb was there. The NICU is a sacred place. It's a place of healing, and bonding, and growth. But sometimes it becomes a place of heartache. It shouldn't be like this. Every woman who desires to be a mother should be able to have a baby of her own, to hold and care for. Babies shouldn't have to be in constant pain. They shouldn't need to have surgeries. They shouldn't need to have tubes, wires, and IVs. The birth of your child shouldn't have a tragic undertone. Every baby should be born healthy.

But it won't happen on its own. It's up to you. You have the power to give life to children who would have otherwise died. People like you donated for the last few decades, and because of it, I have a child who is alive. Now it's your turn. Save the next generation of babies. Show support until premature birth is a thing of the past.

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