Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been working on a lot of things lately!

I've been busy making things. Maybe that's why blogging has been a little...absent...lately. Here are a few of my latest creations!

Square Foot Gardens!! Here we have peas, strawberries, and onions (the tomato and pepper plant died from the cold. I've been meaning to replace them):

Here we have zucchini and pumpkins:

I have a sewing machine! And better yet--I know how to use it! To start with, I made a pillowcase (not shown) and I made Caleb these two simple, imperfect, yet darling little stuffed toys that he actually really enjoys playing with!:

After doing those, I felt confident enough to make Caleb this adorable pair of pants! They fit him perfectly, and they cost less than $2 to make! I plan on making more out of some remnant suit fabric that I got from Joann's, and also some light khaki pants (also from remnants)!:

And, my crowning glory and most impressive creation yet...The Kid:

Stay tuned and tomorrow I'll tell you about another fun little project that I'm working on!


Ellie said...

Oh my goodness--he looks so grown up!! And as cute as ever!

Heather said...

Your garden is so cool! And I stink at sewing so I think it's awesome that you can make neat things for Caleb. Lastly, Caleb looks older in the last picture!

Katie B said...

Absolutely impressive!

I have a little guess about what your next project is... but maybe I won't say it and spoil the surprise. If it's what I think it is, though, that's two pretty fantastic creations.