Saturday, July 9, 2011

P.S.--I'm still pregnant.

Photo taken at 15 weeks 4 days
I'll be 17 weeks on Wednesday. I'm getting huge. I'm getting heartburn and headaches galore.

And I still have morning sickness.


I take zofran at least once a day still.

On Monday I get my first progesterone shot, which I will be getting every week.

I've been having a lot of contractions (2-4 a day, sometimes lasting 5 minutes), so I'm going to request biweekly ultrasounds to make sure my cervix is holding up fine. Hopefully soon we'll find out the gender. :)

The other day I got my first stranger saying something about me being pregnant. That felt good. I like looking pregnant, not just like I ate a big lunch.

I may have felt the baby move once or twice. I could have sworn that I felt kicks, but they were too high up to be the baby, so now I keep second guessing myself. They say that you feel it earlier if it's not your first baby, but I felt Caleb kick at 15 weeks (because I had a cyst on my left ovary and he wedged himself in that corner and kicked and kicked and kicked for weeks. It hurt. I still felt bruised a week after delivery) and you can't get much earlier than that.

I feel bad that this baby is already in Caleb's shadow a little bit. Hopefully by the time he/she is here, Caleb's stuff will be a little more figured out and he/she will get the attention that he/she deserves.


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

Oh goodness. Don't worry, the second child "neglect" guilt gets better. Or less. Or whatever you want to call it. However you want to say. I'm glad you're still pregnant. :-) it's kinda fun to show and have people recognize it. I hope all is well. I think of y'all often.

Katie B said...

By "getting huge," I think you mean "getting super duper cuter."

*Alice Anne* said...

I know lots of things are difficult right now... but on the bright side, can I just say you look SO GOOD?!

Being An Allred said...

You look great, I know things are stressful. Remember with many trials there is great reward. You blog is so inspiring to read. Let me know if you need and thing.