Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just for kicks...week 18/19

Today I am 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I've taken nausea meds twice today. Thankfully my heartburn and headaches haven't been too bad in the last few days.

I've been feeling swollen a lot in the last few days, too. They say that it's normal to have swollen feet by the end of a long day, but my hands and feet are most swollen when I wake up in the morning! They tend to feel a little better by the end of the day. Weird, isn't it!? The same thing happened with my last pregnancy around this time, and the doctor seemed to think it was odd, but nothing to worry about.

I've been getting weekly progesterone shots for the last three weeks, and they're going well. I was told that they can be very painful, but so far they're not so bad! I can feel the serum going in, and it doesn't feel pleasant, but it's never all that bad and I'm never sore afterwards. Yay!

I've been having "contractions" since about week nine (which seems crazy early) and they sure haven't let up. Since starting the shots, I'll have a few days a week where I'll only have one or two contractions. But some days I'll have five or more. And the average contraction lasts at least three minutes. Today I had one that lasted for over 15 minutes. It was insane.

I have another ultrasound on Friday, so we'll know if these crazy contractions are effecting my cervix at all. At this point I'm not too worried because my contractions are completely sporadic. Then again, that's how they were last time, only I didn't have as many. :S Last time, I would have maybe four a week. Ok, now I've scared myself a little!

Caleb now knows where the baby is, and loves to give him kisses. He likes to lift up my shirt and kiss my bare belly, and then he waves at my belly and says, "Bye-bye, baby" while pulling down my shirt. It's possible that he thinks my belly button is the baby, though...I'm not entirely sure. Either way, it's sweet how much he loves his little brother already!

It sounds weird, but I don't really feel like I'm pregnant. I think it's because I don't feel him kick very often. I felt Caleb kick at 15 weeks, and it seems that by now he was kicking up a storm. Maybe my memory is failing me, though. I know it's normal to not even feel the baby kick until 20 weeks, although I have been feeling this baby kicking for a few weeks now. It's just very faint and unpredictable. Sometimes I'll go a whole day without feeling any kicks. Mostly it just feels like I have a spider crawling on my tummy in the same spot, over and over again, for a few seconds. Sometimes it feels like a goldfish is inside of me, and its tail keeps hitting the side of my stomach in the same spot. It was never that faint with Caleb. It's just weird that these two pregnancies can be so very different in some ways, and so similar in other ways!

However, one thing that isn't so different is my size!

This was my pregnancy with Caleb at exactly 18 weeks and 4 days:
This is me this time, at exactly 18 weeks and 4 days, wearing the same shirt and pants:

It's ridiculously similar, isn't it?! Crazy. I just look more...tired. Can you blame me?

But I must say, I love what an over-sized belly does to my, um, rear end. Everything's just a little more...balanced. :)

And I kinda miss my long hair.


Nana said...

You are beautiful, Anna! My hair grows fast, but it always grew faster when I was pregnant. I pray all is well with you and your new baby, and your old baby! Love you!

Katie B said...

I can't believe how similar you looked in those pictures!

And my seemingly tiny bum was one of my favorite things about pregnancy.

gardenofmoi said...

That's crazy how similar you look with Caleb! You look so cute, too!