Thursday, August 25, 2011

B-Town Vacation!

The three of us went "home" a few weeks ago to visit my family. It was absolutely wonderful! We planned our trip around the county fair. I might be biased...ok, I'm really not...but the county fair where I grew up is the most impressive county fair of all time. It's better than the Utah State Fair. No kidding. It was a big part of my life growing up, and it was shameful that Nate and I have been married for almost four years and he had never been to the fair. It's like he never really knew me. Shameful, I tell you.

And it was the perfect time to bring Caleb, since he can identify every farm animal there is, and tell you what sound it makes. It was wonderful for all of us.

Here is what we did:

We hung out with the cousin at horse shows:
Caleb rode a horse in his very first ever horse show! He's a REAL cowboy! And the tough look on his face proves it:
This is Caleb actually showing in the horse show:
We took naps in the camper. Sometimes we took naps in the car. Sometimes we didn't take naps at all! Eek! What rebels! It felt good to have a little bit of flexibility of schedule:
Caleb got his first cowboy hat. Doesn't it look like it just belongs on him?:
We watched my oldest nephew win Reserve Champion (second place) with his dog, Belle: (he's the boy in the red plaid shirt with the black and white border collie)
We watched my youngest niece win Champion in Junior Swine Showmanship (meaning she presented her pig to the judge better than any other kid in the Junior age group. It's a very impressive accomplishment! I won when I was a junior, too. :) )
I helped my oldest niece prepare her horse, Dixie, for the horse show. This was only her second year showing horses (she's 12) so I gave her a lesson a few days before the fair, I helped her groom Dixie, and I helped her put her "look" together by bringing my show shirt for her to wear, getting her a stylish belt and jewelry, etc. Did you know that horse showing is like a pageant on horseback? It's true. It starts with first impressions and how good you look, and then it goes to real talent. If you have real talent but you don't look good, you don't win. It's pretty sad. But since I've been there, I know every trick in the book when it comes to looking just right. So I made my niece my pupil and I made myself her personal groom, and I also gave her tips on how to improve her real skill. And do you know what? She did AWESOME! She was one of the top horse showers in the whole county, and she earned a trip to the State 4-H Horse show! She's not going to go to state, because she still has a lot to work on, and it's expensive, (and she's going to take her pig to the state fair--see below), but she'll get another chance when she's older and then she'll kick some butt! (I wish I had a better picture, because they really looked've never seen such a shiny horse! But I was too busy being her groom, so it was hard to be her photographer, too.) :
We watched that same niece win Grand Champion with her January Gilt (in farmer language, a female pig born in January). You can't see the girl very well, but that pig sure does look nice! These two are now at the Minnesota State Fair!:

It was a lovely vacation. Caleb's favorite parts were the Kiddie Barn where he could see the pigs, chickens, rabbits, and miniature horses all at once, and the sandbox outside of the Kiddie Barn. :) His favorite "real" barn to be in was the sheep barn. He would point to each sheep and say, "Baa, baa, baa, baa!!!" with such enthusiasm. I love my little animal lover. :)

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gardenofmoi said...

"It was shameful that Nate and I have been married for almost four years and he had never been to the fair. It's like he never really knew me."

Until I met you I never knew all that went into this event! Makes me wish I was a Minnesotan just so I could go! (Also, the accent is pretty rad)