Monday, August 22, 2011

If I wanted to be a nurse, I would have gone to nursing school!

Instead, I get to care for a child with some odd (although not terrible) medical needs. I'm not complaining, because I'm really glad that I can take care of him how he needs me to, and I know it could be much worse, but seriously--who else has had to put a tube down their child's nose? Who else has a night time routine with their little one consisting of gauze, steroid cream, and endless supplies of q-tips? Who else has "call medical suppliers" on their to-do list? Who else has a 21-month-old with "button" and "tube" as a daily part of his vocabulary?

Nate says I'm perfect for the job, because I like lists and routines. I do things the same way, at the same time, every day, and I kinda go a little bit nuts if everything isn't perfect. I guess you have to be a little bit like that to deal with these things.

I guess I do a good job. I really don't mind it, but I certainly would rather not have to do it (more for Caleb's sake than for mine)! It's just part of my job as a mom. Not what I envisioned being a mom would be like, but it's part of the deal and it's 110 percent worth it.

And now...part of being a mother of two is giving MYSELF a shot! It must be done. I'm taking care of my unborn son by doing it. Hopefully this will keep me from needing to use my past medical knowledge (aka, NICU and feeding stuff) to care for the littlest Purser. But man, it sure isn't fun!

The shot of which I speak is 17p, the progesterone shot that must be administered weekly in order to (hopefully) prevent preterm labor. I live 35 minutes away from the clinic where a nurse could give it to me, so instead of wasting over an hour every week, with Caleb, (not to mention the gas that my truck guzzles), I have been giving it to myself. I thought, "Hey, now that I've done this, I could totally be a nurse!" My good friend said, "Hey, now that you've done that, you could totally be a druggie!" Nice. :)

So, for the second time so far, I shot myself in the patootie. How many more times I have to shoot myself depends on how long I stay pregnant. I hope it's at least two or three more months.


emilia. said...

you can do it! and i love you! i'll be praying for you.

Katie B said...

You sacrifice a lot for your kids. You deserve an award, my friend

*Alice Anne* said...

I love that you said "patootie"... :) You're so awesome in every way, have I told you that before??