Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's to trying new things!

Today I did something that I never thought I'd do. Something I bet none of you have ever done.

I called a food company to ask what they meant by including "natural flavors" on their ingredients list.

It turns out it's a "trade secret" and they couldn't tell me what "natural flavors" they use in their ground chicken. Yep. They could tell me that it doesn't include what the kind lady called "allergens," which she clarified to mean corn, gluten, soy, artificial colors, yada, yada, yada. But one thing that she knew was included was rosemary.

So that means that unless we can find a different kind of ground chicken without extra ingredients, no more chicken burgers for Caleb. The poor kid is gonna be crushed.

Thankfully the kind lady had a subtle Minnesotan accent. It made me happy, even though I was sad to hear that we have to limit Caleb's foods once again. And she told me of another type of ground chicken that they sell that I might be able to find at a few stores 30 minutes south of here. Definitely worth looking into. Or maybe I'll just have to get up the courage to ask the store's butcher to grind some fresh chicken breasts for me.

I'm takin' all sorts of steps outside of my comfort zone lately! Anything for my little Cal and his chicken burgers.



Nickoli And Hannah said...

This sounds like the perfect excuse to get a kitchen aid with the grinder option. That way you can grind the chicken all on your own! Good luck!!!

Coffee Mama said...

Those natural flavors are a big pain in the behind. I second grinding your own, we bought a roaster so we could roast our own chicken back in the day. Thanks for your understanding too! I appreciate your support and comments on my end :)