Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Russell is 3 months! (+2 days)

I can't believe how fast this little termie grows and changes! He has changed so much! At three months old, Russell:
  • Wears Costco size 1-2 diapers
  • Has gone through more than two boxes of Costco diapers! There are 216 diapers in a box, people! That's nuts!
  • Has been wearing 0-3 month clothes for less than two weeks, and some of them are starting to look a little snug. These are the same clothes that Caleb wore when he was 11 months old!!!!!
  • Has giggled once, and almost giggled two or three other times
  • Is happiest when I'm nursing him and reading a story to Caleb at the same time...he LOVES story time and could just look at me and smile forever :)
  • Has had three pretty good nights of sleep (the last three nights). One night he slept from 1AM to 7:30, and then from 8 to 11:30! The next night he slept from midnight to 6:30 and then from 7 to 10:30. Last night he slept from midnight to 5:30 and then woke up at 8:30. I'm not complaining, because it's much better than going to bed at midnight and waking up at 3:30, 7, and 10, which is what he has done like clockwork for pretty much his whole life. And he goes right back to sleep after a feeding. Now we just have to work with getting to bed earlier! Some day I hope he sleeps from 9PM to 10AM, just like Caleb. And then has a morning nap from 10:30AM to noon, just like Caleb used to :)
  • Has been doing AWESOME at afternoon naps! About five times now I've been able to lay him down right before Caleb's 3PM nap, and he goes right to sleep on his own and sleeps soundly until 6PM, when Caleb wakes up. I'm loving it!
  • Will only put himself to sleep if he is in the European swaddler that my friend Amy got for Caleb when he was a baby. It's a soft, pillowy thing that surrounds him and ties as tightly as I want. He loves it! I'd be going crazy without it
  • Refuses to take a binky any longer. He just gets more mad when we try to give one to him, like we're trying to trick him. He only wants the real deal. But he has grown somewhat fond of his hands, which I kind of like
  • Is MUCH happier now that I've cut dairy out of my diet. I love my ice cream, but I love me a happy baby much more! His {poop} (sorry for the dirty word) is still loose and full of mucous, so he may have another food sensitivity going on, but he is happy and that's the main thing I care about!
  • Definitely recognizes his parents and his brother. He smiles every time he sees Caleb, even though Caleb is usually pretty oblivious
  • Loves, loves, loves his swing and gets furious if it stops moving while he's awake (and usually wakes up if it stops moving while he's asleep)
  • Cannot do tummy time on his boppy pillow because he always slides down and gets stuck with his face planted in the pillow. He doesn't like that at all
  • Does not like to snuggle at all. He only likes to be held facing away from whoever holds him. He has fallen asleep that way a few times
  • Is a sweet little addition to our family that we are glad to have.


*Alice Anne* said...

He's such a cutie, Anna! And he looks so happy!

Coffee Mama said...

He sure looks happy. You sound like things are going great! Snuggle that bunny while he is little, doesn't last long enough :)