Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why my life is so stinkin' awesome:

We went to the bowling alley a few weeks ago and Caleb fell off of a chair and punctured his bottom lip with his two bottom teeth.  He now calls it the "bowling owie."
Daddy told Caleb that Mommy is a princess.  He likes to randomly remind me throughout the day.
After teaching him to say "I love America" on July 4th and also seeing lots of American flags on that day, Caleb now says, "I love America" in a content little voice every time he sees an American flag.  I love that I'm raising a patriotic little boy.  He'll fit in well with the Claypool side of the family.
Russell loves strangers.  He loves people he knows, too, but holy cow does that boy ever smile for people he doesn't know!  He has a BFF in the local grocery store close to our house named Sydney.  He could talk to her for hours.  She recognizes him when she sees him.  The other day he caught the eye of a little boy in Hobby Lobby (the store that has been stealing all of my money lately...).  He must have been about eight or nine.  They connected immediately.  I think that little boy must have been hurting inside, because he just stood there, taking in the sweet look on Russell's face, then he touched his hand.  His mom said, gently, "I think he likes you."  And I agreed, "Yes, he does."  Then Russell gave him a big grin.  I think it made that little boy's day.
I think Russell knew just how awesome it could be to meet new people when I put him in the front of a shopping cart for the very first time:

He was a little bit excited!
Russell has the cutest little caterpillar crawl in the world.
And my husband has a really hard time not saying odd things at random times.  Gotta love him!
"The dinosaurs are wearing their seat belts!"
Caleb helped me with this craft--painting the black sign beige.  Now every time he looks at it he gets excited about our "cwaf!"
Russell can pull himself up to his knees on anything now, including tall furniture or the wall.  But he gets scared to get down.  He stayed like this for at least five minutes.  Cute little thing!
I love this sweet kid.


Megan said...

That is the cutest little crawl in the world! I have never seen a kid crawl like that. I love these little memories. Thanks for sharing them.

MeganandClaudy said...

i can't believe russell is already pulling himself up and crawling. Carter isn't even close! what a doll.

*Alice Anne* said...

The dinosaurs are wearing their seatbelts! Lol!!!