Saturday, November 17, 2012

My boy is 3!

You heard right!  My little 27-weeker baby boy is now a strapping 3-year-old!  He's pretty much at the end of toddlerhood and entering preschool-agedness.  Weird.  Before I know it, I'll be sending him off to kindergarten!  And then HIGH SCHOOL!  Oh dear.  I'm not ready for this.  I thoroughly enjoyed the terrific twos and I'm thoroughly scared of the terrible threes.  I've had a glimpse of this new phase and it's going to take patience.  Thank goodness this child of mine is so wonderful in so many ways!  And on the days where his wonderfulness is masked by his new-found independence, stubbornness, and unlimited energy, at least he's cute.  ;)

At 3 years old, Caleb:
  • Weighs 24lbs 2oz.  Nowhere near the charts, and he has only gained 3lbs 1oz in the last year.  That's really not good.  His weight was completely stagnant from June to October and in the last month he has finally a pound.  Let's hope he doesn't lose it...again!
  • Is 34.75 inches tall!  That's somewhere around the 3-5th percentile!  On the charts!  Woot!
  • Wears a lot of size 18 month and 24 month clothes.  Most 18 month pants are getting too short, but the waist is still loose enough that his pants fall down.  I remember the day when he learned how to pull up his own pants.  That was a big deal!  Most 18 month shirts are slightly too short, too, and show too much of his belly when paired with pants that tend to fall down.  Ha!  But 24 month/2T shirts just seem so baggy!
  • Wears size 7-8 shoes.  His feet keep growing when the rest of him stops!
  • Wears size 4 diapers.  If I didn't have a baby to take care of, I would say that Caleb is potty trained.  But he's kind of high maintenance in the bathroom, so we're taking a break with that.  But he did wear underwear for the past month and did awesome with it.  Sometimes he would have one or two accidents a day, but sometimes he wouldn't have any.  He could go three hours without using the bathroom if we left the house.  Pretty great!
  • Still rides rear facing in his car seat.  Woohoo!  Call us safe!  There's no reason to turn him around yet.  He's still so small and fits just fine how he is.  And he really enjoys car rides.  He has never, not once, fought being put in his car seat.  Not like Russell does.  ;)  We have no immediate plans to turn him around.  We're kind of just waiting until we need to take a long car ride, because the passenger side seat in the front has to be pushed pretty far forward in order to fit Caleb's car seat in the back seat at the proper angle.  Whoever rides in that seat for our next long car ride ( will appreciate the leg room if we turn Caleb forward facing
  • Still sleeps in his crib.  I plan on leaving him there until he can climb out.  Once, just a week or two ago, he kind of fell out (I have no idea how...I was in the room, but my back was turned to him).  He landed on his back and it seemed to startle him.  He was scared enough that I don't think he'll try getting out any time soon.  Haha!  Caleb sure is different from the "regular" child in a lot of ways, I guess
  • Tested in the 99th percentile for ADHD type behaviors.  Although his ability to sit still for very long is horrible, he is surprisingly compliant.  The therapists who evaluated him were impressed that he was so easily redirected.  He just needs a lot of redirection because his busy brain and body tend to wander.  I'm able to teach him a lot, regardless, but I worry about when he starts school and he won't have one-on-one attention
  • Can say pretty much anything he wants, except his own name.  He says it "Caybid."  I think it's rather cute and I often find myself calling him Caybid.  This is a funny conversation that Auntie Jenna once had with him:
    • JB: Is your name Caleb or Caybid?
    • Him: It's Caybid!
    • JB: So it's Caybid?
    • Him: No, it's Caybid!
    • JB: Right, so it's Caybid.
    • Him: NO!  It's....We call me Cal!
  • Calls Russell "Your Baby," as in, the baby who belongs to his mommy.  "Mommy, Your Baby is crying."  "Mommy, Your Baby is so cute!"  He also calls him Russell, but Your Baby is just so cute!
  • Has a favorite store: Hobby Lobby.  If you ask him, he says, "It has fabric...and crafts...and grapes...and horses...."  He likes the displays near the front with all of the figurines and decorations on them, which coincidentally are garnished with fake grapes.  I think he would love it if I bought some fake grapes some day
  • Has a BFF named Nash.  Little boys don't get much cuter than this

  • Knows lots of songs.  Not just the classic children's songs, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, All the Pretty Little Horses, Rockabye Baby, etc, but the cool ones.  He knows (and loves): Paradise by Coldplay, We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira, Wide Awake and Firework by Katy Perry, Gangnam Style, and many others.  He can recognize any Owl City song by the sound of it.  He can identify all of the songs I listed by just hearing the first few notes, before the words start.  This kid has seriously good taste.  Seriously.  And he can sing very well, too.  He doesn't always get every note just right, but he often does.  It makes me proud.  :)  Most people these days don't know it, but I was quite the singer in my younger years.  I would love it if my children could be singers, too
  • Watched the music video for Baby by Justin Bieber once and now sings it all of the time.  The only thing is, he thinks the words are "David."  So he sings, "David, David, David, oooo!"
  • Will often say, "Turn it up!" when we're driving in the car and he hears a song that he likes.  A few times he has said, "Turn it off.  I want to talk to you."  :)
  • Still has many, many books memorized.  He used to just memorize the last part of each phrase, and we would prompt him by saying the first part of the phrase, but now he gets mad if we try to read any part of the books that he knows.  He says, "I read it!"
  • "I do it all by myself!" is a phrase that I hear many, many times each day.  He's still good at asking for help when he needs it, but when he doesn't need help he seems offended at any offer for help.  He also says, "No, I don't need it!" when we try to get him to do something that he doesn't want to do, like put his shoes on before going outside.  Sorry, Mister, but you do need your shoes on if you're going to go outside.  He also like to say, "I don't want to!  I DON'T!"  It's a cute way of asserting his independence, so I don't mind it so much
  • Can label the emotion "frustrated."  If he has trouble doing something, he stomps his feet and whines and says, "I'm frustrated!"  
  • Has figured out how to do a "thumbs up!"  He also figured out that he can wiggle his toes.  That was a very exciting discovery for him.  He figured it out on his own
  • Is so amazing with all of the new things that he does and says every day!  I love getting a glimpse into his incredible mind.  I'm so blessed to have had him as my son for three years!  I LOVE THIS KID!

Here is a video of a little conversation that I had with Caleb the day before his birthday.  It's long, but cute.  If you're feeling impatient (or if you don't happen to think he's as cute as I think he is ;)), you can skip to 5 minutes.  That's my favorite part.  :)


Rissa said...

Definitely worth watching the whole thing! So cute!

Krista Purser said...

What is he saying at about 5:30? A race car? And to race people?

Eugenia Xie said...

he is just too cute! :)